I am Level Yojimbrawl No, Birdie, No!
Link: Pixel Love
Developer Black Ships Fill the Sky
Released: April 28, 2014[1]
Featured: August 8, 2014
Platform Unity
Genre(s): Combat

Yojimbrawl is a local multiplayer fighting game created for Ludum Jam 29 by Black Ships Fill the Sky. It was featured on Pixel Love on August 4, 2014.


Player 1

  • A_key.png D_key.png A and D keys - Move left/right
  • W_key.png W key - Jump
  • T key - Attack / Start the game (at the start screen)

Player 2

  • Left.png Right.png Left and right arrow keys - Move left/right
  • Up.png Up arrow key - Jump
  • Comma key - Attack


Players take control of an individual fighter, two of which oppose each other on either side of the screen. The fighter's hit points are indicated by bright coloured circles: yellow for one player, and blue for the other. The circles turn red and disappear for each hit one player lands on their opponent. When all circles are red for one player, that player's fighter dies, and a stone tablet falls on their side of the screen. Another fighter then descends, with one more hit point than the previous fighter.

Both players start with four hit points; their maximum is eight.

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LudumDare 29 Yojimbrawl!

LudumDare 29 Yojimbrawl!



  • The game's name is a pun on "yojimbo", a term in Japanese which means bodyguard.


Yojimbrawl Menu
Yojimbrawl Main
Menu Game


  1. Approximate release date, based on Ludum Jam 29's end date

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