The Totem of Lacste is one of the eight Creatures of the Relic, and one of the bosses in Seedling.

Physical appearance


The pieces of rock that make the Totem.

The Totem is composed of five separate blue rock pieces, which come together to form two arms, legs and a head. The head's facial features are outlined in white, with white light shining on each of the rocks when it awakens.


The Totem is faced and fought at Lacste, where all five pieces of the rock must be collected from the place. If the player enters the boss area beforehand, they will see the five pieces of rock lying on the ground in front of the young seedling. Once all five pieces of the rock are obtained, the seedling will receive a Wand powerup before the pieces of rock awaken and form the Totem of Lacste.


The Totem alternates between two attacks: a flash of hazardous light and two large circular bullets. When it wakes, it charges at the seedling, attacking with the light using its head. The Totem then moves back and begins to attack with another beam of light. This attack is then followed by two shots fired from its arms, which move towards the seedling until they hit him or the wall behind him. This cycle repeats until the Totem is defeated.



The angry Totem preparing for attack.

The Wand, obtained just before the battle with the Totem, can be used for attacking and defeating it. The Wand has a long-range trajectory, so the player is more likely to land hits on it while the Totem constantly moves or attacks.

As the light-beam attack fades in to the screen, the player can quickly move to face the direction of the Totem's head and attack with the Wand. The player needs to get out of the way soon enough to not get hit, but also long enough to hit the Totem. Staying close to the bottom of the screen as possible is a way to avoid being hit by the Totem when it moves close towards the seedling. The seedling should move to the middle to avoid being hit by the two bullets shot from the Totem's arms and to the left to avoid the Totem's close-in attack.

Moving back and forth and knowing what attacks come next will help the player get into position to land the maximum number of hits on the Totem. After several successful hits to the Totem, it will shake and explode, fading into white light. Once the path is cleared, the seedling is only able to go through the portal blocked by a purple lock, which can be activated by a wand.