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Tiny Dangerous Dungeons
Link: Pixel Love
Developer Adventure Islands
Released: Newgrounds
November 19, 2013
Featured: December 2, 2013
Platform Flash
Control scheme: Keyboard
Data saved: From last save point
Genre(s): Platform, Action
Website(s): Newgrounds
Development time: 2 weeks[1]
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Dangerous Dungeons

Tiny Dangerous Dungeons is an action-platformer released on November 19, 2013 by Jussi Simpanen. It was featured on Pixel Love the Monday of December 2, 2013. The player controls the main character, Timmy, and guides him through a series of small dungeons in order to locate a treasure.

The game is a partial spinoff of Dangerous Dungeons, an earlier release by the same developer.[2]


  • Left.png Right.png Left and right arrow keys - Move
  • Up.png Up arrow key - Jump
  • Down.png Down arrow key - Save (at statue)
  • X_key.png X or K key - Throw knives (when obtained)
  • Esc - View inventory/pause game
  • M - Mute music



Interactive objects



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  2. See Tiny Dangerous Dungeons Author Comments, retrieved Dec 2, 2013

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