Cathode Raybits The Valley Rule G0
The Valley Rule
Link: Pixel Love
Developer Ryan Carag & Bill Kiley
Released: April 2014
Featured: May 5, 2014
Platform Flash
Control scheme: Keyboard
Data saved: Save points
Genre(s): Exploration
Website(s): Newgrounds (Post-compo)
Development time: 72 hours

The Valley Rule is an exploration game created in 72 hours for Ludum Dare 29's theme "Beneath the Surface". It was featured on Pixel Love on May 5, 2014. The player controls a cat-girl trying to find her way up to the surface.


  • Left.png Right.png Left and right arrow keys - Move left/right
  • S_key.png / Z_key.png S or Z key - Jump
  • Up.png Up arrow key - Go through doors / collect powerups
  • R key - Restarts from the beginning (does not include confirmation)


The goal of the game is to try and collect the four keys stored away in chests to unlock a giant door found near the middle part of the area.


This navigational box contains a spoiler. Click [show] to open.

When the cat-girl makes her way to the giant door after collecting the four keys, an arrow will be shown over the door, indicating that the cat-girl can enter through it. Upon pressing the arrow key, each stone holding the keys will light up a different colour. The cat-girl disappears through the door's opening and the screen fades to the end screen, displaying the credits.

If the player refreshes the game after seeing the ending, their character will respawn from the beginning, allowing them to play again.

Interactive objects

  • Switches - Need to be pressed on to open doors and remove barriers.
  • Heavy blocks - Blocks approximately the same height as the cat-girl and can be pushed to hold down switches.
  • Water - A hazardous substance that kills the cat-girl on contact.
  • Save points - Save the game in its current state.
  • Keys - Items found in chests that are necessary for unlocking the final door.


Two powerups can be found in The Valley Rule and must be obtained in order to collect all four keys.

  • Climbing - Allows the cat-girl to scurry up the side edges of walls.
  • Air jump - Allows the cat-girl to jump a second time in midair.

Cut content

Due to the constrained time limit, some elements planned for The Valley Rule were cut from the game.

  • Originally, a third powerup was planned that would allow the player to create a dummy cat-girl by dropping a seed. This clone would be able to push blocks and could be used to give the protagonist a boost to inaccessible areas.[2]
  • An ending scene was planned that involved the cat-girl ascending in an elevator towards the surface while elevator music played.[3]


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