Lost Yeti Spiderling Killer Corral
Link: Pixel Love
Released: March 27, 2014 (Newgrounds)
Featured: April 7, 2014
Platform Flash
Control scheme: Keyboard
Data saved: Progress
Genre(s): Adventure, puzzle, platform
Website(s): Newgrounds, MaxGames
Awards: Stencyl Jam 2014 (1st place)

Spiderling is an exploration platformer released on Newgrounds on March 27, 2014 by Martin Petrini. It was featured on Pixel Love on April 7, 2014. The game is about a young spider trying to escape with its friend before a war between their own species starts.


  • Left.png Right.png Left and right arrow keys - Move
  • Z_key.png Z key - Jump
  • Shift or X_key.png Shift or X key - Shoot web
  • Down.png Z_key.png Down + Z key - Dig
  • H key - Hold to bring up help menu
  • P key - Pause the game
  • M key - Mute sound


Playing as Spiderling the player must find the way out of "The Inprisonment" by searching in an old house,hidden caves,etc. As Spiderling remembers memories of his race and his friend's about to start a war ,he must face the rage of The Spiders to find his way out of "The Imprisonment"


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Spiderling Walkthrough

Spiderling Walkthrough

Interactive objects

  • Rocks
  • Moss
  • Frogs
  • Chain
  • Bell
  • Pots
  • Beetle
  • Snails



Artifacts are found throughout the game and can be collected by digging under rocks. They are retained, even if the spiderling falls within the same area the artifact was found. There are six artifacts in total.


  • Shiny object - Can be obtained by digging the first few rocks at the beginning.
  • Ancient armor - At the first few platforms, fall off and go right. Climb up, away from the bigger spider, to the top and dig under the rocks.
  • A book titled The Imprisonment - The spiderling should attach to the first millipede encountered and ride it over the spike pit across to the other side. A short cliff will be seen, with a stack of two rocks.
  • Singing box - Found at the top ledge that can be reached by swinging on multiple disjointed platforms.
  • Mother - This artifact can be found below a long platform with a beetle on it. The beetle is necessary for getting a boost to the other side.
  • Hooman Helmet - Found by going to the left in the wind area. An invisible platform can be outlined by webs and jumped on to reach another platform with a small stack of rocks.


Spiderling Menu
Spiderling Intro and Ending
Menu Intro/Ending
Spiderling Main 1
Spiderling Main 2
Game 1 Game 2
Spiderling Main 3
Spiderling Boss
Game 3 Boss
Spiderling Victory

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