Crash TV Shine Blitzer
Link: Pixel Love
Developer Adventure Islands
Released: Newgrounds
December 16, 2013
Featured: December 23, 2013
Platform Flash
Control scheme: Keyboard, Mouse
No. of levels: 8
Data saved: None
Genre(s): Platform
Website(s): Newgrounds, Stencyl
Development time: 48 hours

Shine is a platform-avoidance game created for Ludum Dare 28 by Jussi Simpanen. The game was later released on Newgrounds on December 16, 2013. A week later, it was featured on Pixel Love.

The player controls a wizard named Lucia and her orb of light as she tries to make it to the top of the lighthouse and stop a prolonged darkness throughout the kingdom of Solaris. The orb is her only source of light, tying into Ludum Dare 28's theme "You Only Get One".


  • D_key.png A_key.png A and D keys - Move Lucia
  • W_key.png W key - Jump
  • PC Mouse Left Click Click and drag - Move orb


Shine has eight stages. Each stage transitions to the other directly, and ends with Lucia exiting through the door. The entire room is dark, except for the radius of glow around the orb. Lucia and the orb move independently from each other, and the orb must always be within view of Lucia. Using the mouse, the player must move the orb to help light a path for Lucia while preventing the orb from touching any surface as well as the edge of the screen. Lucia must also avoid hazards that are encountered throughout her journey.

A series of opening screens set the exposition for the game's story. White block letters are shown on the left, with a still illustration on the right. By clicking the screen, the player can advance through each section.


Once upon a time, in the kingdom of Solaris, there was a giant, holy lighthouse watching over the land, shining its protecting light and bringing peace and prosperity to the kingdom.

One fateful day, however, the lights disappeared for reasons unknown and the kingdom was plunged into eternal darkness.

All hope was not lost however. One day a talented young wizard called Lucia arrived and used all her power to create holy orb [sic] of light that could reignite the lighthouse.

The orb was very powerful, but also unstable. Slightest bump [sic] could cause the orb to explode. There is no second chance, can Lucia deliver the orb safely and end the age of darkness?


  • Intro scene 1
  • Intro scene 2
  • Intro scenes 3 & 4


This navigational box contains a spoiler. Click [show] to open.

Upon escaping from the spiked wall, the player will see Lucia and her orb at the top of the lighthouse. The player can move the orb anywhere and even touch the walls, ground and ceiling in this area without destroying it. To proceed with the ending, however, the player must get the orb to land on the rock-like object in the middle of the room, causing it to be filled with light.

The screen fades to the end credits, where Lucia observes the sun among some thin clouds. Text scrolls up on the left side of the screen, with some acknowledgements that were not made in the Credits section of the menu. After the words "The End" scroll out of view, the player is automatically directed back to the titlescreen.

Interactive objects

  • Crumbling blocks - Blocks that break soon after stepping on them, enabling Lucia to access other areas
  • Carts - Moving carts that Lucia can stand on.
  • Platforms - Transport Lucia but destroy the orb. Some platforms in later levels move.


  • Spikes - Found on some areas of the ground; harm Lucia and her orb on contact.
  • Spike blocks - Large square blocks with spikes on the top and bottom that move up and down.
  • Spiked wall - A single wall covered with a layer of spikes that moves towards the player's right.


Shine Main
Shine Ending
Game Ending

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