The seedling is the main character of Seedling. He was created by the Oracle in order to bring him back a seed to replace his dying Tree.


The seedling has a rectangular light grey body with a black outline. His head is also outlined in black.

The seedling's head is pale blue in the middle and on both sides of the blue part is one black eye. The rest of his head is a mixture of white and light grey.

Game information

The seedling was created from the wind by Oracle for the purpose of getting a seed for Oracle's dying Tree. He can move right, left, up, or down by pressing the respective arrow key. If he touches a enemy or hazard that is not water or lava, one block of health will be lost. If the young seedling loses all three blocks, he will respawn back at the area he last entered.

Any enemies that have been killed previously by the seedling and the seedling has lost all three blocks of health in the room the enemies were killed in, the enemies will respawn and the seedling will have to fight them over again. Sometimes certain objects that the seedling has moved will revert back to their first position if he loses all blocks of health in the room that he moved the objects.

If the seedling walks into water before he has obtained the Conch, Seedling will instantly lose all blocks of health and the same things mentioned in the previous paragraph will happen. Lava will also take away all of Seedling's blocks of health if Seedling steps into it and has not got the Dark Suit yet.


  1. Referred to as boy in Connor Ullmann's blog post