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Link: Pixel Love
Released: July 2011
Featured: September 10, 2012
Platform Flash
Control scheme: Keyboard
Data saved: In-game progress
Genre(s): Adventure, Exploration
Website(s): Newgrounds
Soundtrack availability: Bandcamp
Development time: 6 months[1]

Seedling (original title Shrum[1]) is an exploration adventure game created by Connor Ullmann. It was featured on Pixel Love the Monday of September 10, 2012. The game follows the adventures of a young seedling boy who is born as a seed from the wind. He seeks the Oracle, who gives the boy the quest of bringing a seed to replace his dying Tree.



  • Left.png Right.png Up.png Down.png Arrow keys - Move
  • X key - Interact with characters
  • X or C - use weapon
  • V or I key - Open inventory


  • Esc key - Go back to the game's menu
  • R key - Restart the game
  • M key - Mute
  • W key - View the game's soundtrack


Levels are designated by checkpoints within a general location, which are saved when the seedling enters a certain area or defeats a boss. Some areas, when entered, are given names, marking them as the individual stages or levels of Seedling.

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Seedling Walkthrough - Bloodless (good) Ending and Blood (bad) Ending

Seedling Walkthrough - Bloodless (good) Ending and Blood (bad) Ending


Different powerups can be found in certain areas that allow the seedling to explore more areas and help him complete his quest.

  • Sword - The sword allows the seedling to attack enemies and bosses.
    • Dark sword - Deals more damage.
    • Ghost Sword - Swings like the sword, but can go through walls and is more powerful.
  • Shield - Protects the seedling when moving.
  • Light - Creates an aura of light around the seedling, making it easier to see in dimly lit areas.
  • Fire - Repels but does not kill an enemy.
  • Wand - Attacks weakly at enemies, but has a far range.
  • Conch - Allows the seedling to swim in water.
  • Penguin's Feather - Enables the seedling to swim up waterfalls.
  • Ghost Spear - Attacks through walls with much more power than the sword.
  • Dark Shield - Damages enemies on contact.
  • Dark Suit - Damages enemies on contact, and enables the seedling to swim in lava.
  • Fire Wand - Able to use both wand and fire power.


  • Shieldspire - It remains stationary and leaves an opening when the seedling stands directly in front of it.
  • Times - Creatures of the Relic, made up of three parts. Swords circle around each as they move swiftly to attack the seedling. When all three are killed, they leave behind Fire.
  • Totem of Lacste - Shoots targets at the seedling, signaled by a beam of light.
  • Tentacled Beast - A large octopus-like creature in the water, the player must cut down all its tentacles while avoiding the whirlpools it creates.
  • Lights - Activated by hitting a pillar, the lights circle the seedling.
  • King of Fire - In a pit of lava, he fires two bats, then fireballs forming a semi-circle shape. The more he is hit, the faster the attacks.
  • Owl - Activates rocks that descend quickly towards the seedling. It then travels in a counter-clockwise direction, dropping bombs.


A video preview of Seedling was released while the game was seeking sponsorship.

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Seedling sponsorship video

Seedling sponsorship video


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