AR Arcade Santaman & His Iced Muffins Resort Empire
Santaman & His Iced Muffins
Link: Pixel Love
Developer Hayo Van Reek
Released: December 17, 2010 (Newgrounds)
Featured: December 22, 2014
Platform Flash
Control scheme: Keyboard
Genre(s): Platform

Santaman & His Iced Muffins is an adventure puzzle-platformer released on Newgrounds on December 17, 2010 by Hayo Van Reek and SteveHarris. It was featured on the Pixel Love website the Monday of December 22, 2014.


  • Left.png Right.png Left/right arrow keys - Move left/right
  • Space.png Spacebar - Jump (when not moving)
  • A_key.png A key - Fire red orbs
  • S_key.png S key - Fire blue orbs
  • Up.png Down.png Up/down arrow keys - Mount/dismount from rope bridges and activate switches.



Interactive objects



Santaman Menu
Santaman Cutscenes
Menu Cutscenes
Santaman World Map
Santaman Password
World Map Password
Santaman Level 1 Home
Santaman Level 2 The Gate
Credits/Tutorial/Level 1 Level 2
Santaman Level 4 Gnome Castle
Santaman Level 5 Icy Plains
Level 4 Level 5
Santaman Level 8 Ice Mansion
Santaman Level 9 Island in the Sun
Level 8 Level 9
Santaman Level 12 Pirate Ship
Santaman Boss
Level 12 Level 13 (Boss)

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