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Ripple Dot Zero Running Warrior Once in the Cave
Running Warrior
Link: Pixel Love
Developer Fliptic Studios
Released: June 7, 2012[1]
Featured: August 12, 2013
Platform Flash
Control scheme: Keyboard
Genre(s): Side-scrolling, Platform

Running Warrior is a platform game released by Fliptic Studios on July 7, 2012[1]. It was featured on Pixel Love on August 12, 2013. The player controls a knight, who sets out on a journey to rescue the girl from a mage.


Default controls are first limited to the up arrow key. Additional controls can be added on as upgrades, purchased with coins.

  • Up.png Up arrow key - Jump
  • Down.png Down arrow key - Move down


Running Warrior intro crop

Running Warrior intro crop


Levels are not in set divisions, but are continuous within the gameplay. The knight constantly runs to the player's right without stopping. The player must use their jump and attack skills to defeat and avoid any hazards and enemies.

As the knight continues to run, he gradually loses stamina, which must be replenished with plants. Any contact with enemies or hazards will reduce his stamina further.


  • Bats - Fly in a horizontal direction, starting from a point off screen.
  • Slimes - Stationary enemies that bob up and down in place.
  • Skeletons


  • Spikes - Stationary and indestructible, these hazards can only be avoided by jumping. They appear as thorns in the forest.

Interactive objects

  • Coins - Rest on platforms and can be collected for future upgrades to the player's character.
  • Chests - When passed, allow the player to collect additional coins.
  • Plants - Restore some stamina to the protagonist.
  • Statues - When a statue is touched, it allows the protagonist to become that character's identity.


Running Warrior Menu
Running Warrior Intro
Menu Intro
Running Warrior Main


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