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Ripple Dot Zero
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Link: Pixel Love
Developer Pixeltruss
Released: June 28, 2013[1]
Featured: August 5, 2013
Platform Flash
Control scheme: Keyboard
No. of levels: 11
Data saved: Levels
Genre(s): Platform, Action
Soundtrack availability: Amazon MP3, iTunes,

Ripple Dot Zero is an adventure platform game released by Pixeltruss. It was featured on Pixel Love on August 5, 2013. The player takes control of a penguin who sets out on a mission to rescue ripples from the laboratory.

Default controls

Controls can be customized via the "Controls" option on the game's main menu.

  • Up.png Down.png Up and down arrow keys - Scroll up/down within a level
  • Left.png Right.png Left and right arrow keys - Move
  • X_key.png X key - Jump
  • Z_key.png Z key - Attack
  • M key - Mute music and sound
  • Esc key - Return to the main menu


Ripple Dot Zero has twelve levels, excluding hidden levels. Each level is given a name which is often referring to the location which the level takes place in. Except for the first level and last two levels of the game, all levels have unlockable bonus stages that can be played if the player collects enough capsules to fill the bonus metre.

Almost all levels have hidden areas, or "secrets", contained within them. The player is alerted whenever a secret is found, or entered into. These areas are often locations out of reach or concealed by use of a wall. Finding secrets does not have a direct effect on gameplay, aside from this information displaying on the statistics page after the player completes a level.

...Like You Just Woke Up

Level thumbnail on the map screen

This level serves as the tutorial area, as well as the exposition for the game's minimal plot. The penguin is freed from its cage and is then given the player's control to move it around. Introductory credits appear on the screen as the player navigates the penguin through the set passageway.

Some capsules and hearts are found in empty or broken cages on the other side of the penguin's set path. Players can choose to pick these up if they are aiming for full item completion or a higher score by making a far enough jump to land on top of these cages before moving on.

The introductory level also introduces recurring enemies seen throughout most levels: crab crawlers. The first crab crawler is encountered inside the laboratory; the other wanders back and forth near the goal. To complete the level, players are instructed to land the penguin on top of the active particle field.

Secrets in this level
There are three secrets that can be found in this level.
  • Just after the penguin runs past the "Ripple Dot Zero" title, two capsule sets contained in cases can be spotted just below the end of the declining hill. As the penguin breaks these, he can travel through the wall to an enclosed area of the laboratory and use springs to emerge from the ground and pass a checkpoint.
  • After going up three springs in succession next to a checkpoint, a small alcove will be seen to the player's left, which the penguin can jump into from his position after using the springs.
  • To the left of the checkpoint, on the same ground as the second encountered crab crawler walks, two rows of five capsules are contained within an alcove.
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Ripple Laboratories Area 1

Level thumbnail on the map screen

In this level, players are introduced to two weapons found throughout various levels of the game. One is a boomerang, which can be be found at the top of a set of rock blocks if players guide their penguin as far to the right and at the top of the level as they can. The second is found near two moving springs, and can be accessed by breaking glass. It increases the horizontal range of the penguin's sword slash.

This level is mostly based on platforms that are fixed in the air. Crab crawlers appear on many of these platforms. The general path for this level is to move to the right, and as upwards as possible. The particle field is found isolated on the sand-like ground.

Secrets in this level

There are four secrets in this level.

  • As soon as players encounter rock blocks, they should move the penguin to the left and below the ledge with the breakable blocks. A closed in area with springs on the ground will be visible, and the penguin can access this location by slipping in through the bottom left corner.
  • Instead of breaking the rock blocks and continuing right, players should go left. After passing two fields of glass, they should be able to see some breakable blocks forming a staircase shape (this is the same area of blocks that was above the first accessible secret). Upon breaking these blocks, the penguin can retrieve an extra life and continue on to the right until they spring up and out from the narrow passageway.
  • The penguin should jump over the spring on the sand-like ground at the bottom-most part of the level and continue to the right. Players will encounter a broken cage with a small alcove they can enter if they continue to the right. Once inside, a fully restorable health pickup can be obtained.
  • Near the end of the level, there will be several wide columns, most with capsules and springs in their valleys. If the penguin falls in between the second valley, created by the second and third column, players can access an area by moving into the right column over the spring.
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Ripple Laboratories Area 2

Level thumbnail on the map screen

Alongside crab crawlers, planes also appear as enemies in this level. Most planes can be found flying across the topmost parts of some areas. This level also introduces the invincibility powerup, which allows the penguin to destroy enemies by touching them. A jetpack can be obtained for the first time, allowing the penguin to fly for a brief period of time.

To complete the level, players must fight the first boss introduced to the game: the leaping robot. Afterwards, the game will allow the penguin to continue moving to the right and jump onto the particle field a short distance from the boss battle.

Secrets in this level

Nine secrets can be found in this level.

  • After breaking the two panes of glass below the first plane, a stack of four containers with bombs in them can be seen to the left. Breaking these containers causes the bombs to detonate, revealing an inner area at the bottom of the column where a health pickup can be collected.
  • If the player moves all the way to the right after falling through the glass panels, there will be a spring the penguin can move onto. The penguin should be able to fly into an indent with several capsule pickups.
  • There is a checkpoint with a jetpack to its right. Instead of collecting the jetpack, the penguin can fall off the ledge and land on the sand-like ground. Three capsule cases should be encountered to the farthest right. If players break these capsules, the penguin can go through the wall and into a passageway within the ground. The jetpack and an invincibility powerup can also be obtained here.
  • A small gap between a broken cage and a wall can be seen next to two crab crawlers, which are to the right of some upwards arrows. Slipping into this gap, an extra life is added to the penguin.
  • If the penguin uses the upwards arrows leading to a checkpoint, players should move the penguin off the ledge until he reaches the ground. To the far left, a single capsule container should be visible. Breaking this will allow the penguin to enter an alcove with an extra life pickup. This alcove should also be close to the visible jetpack powerup.
  • Past the overhead area with rock blocks, players will be able to make their way down a hill. As they continue to the right, they should see a boomerang encased in a recess below the platforms. To collect the boomerang, players must make their way onto the sand-like ground and move to the left. They should eventually reach a spring that will boost the penguin into the hole.
  • If players have the boomerang, they can go back to the overhead passageway blocked off by rocks. Following its set path to the right leads to capsule pickups and an invincibility powerup.
  • Upon defeating the boss, players should avoid the particle field directly to the right and instead, jump over it and continue on their path until they reach a wall. With the attack key, the penguin will be able to break the wall, opening a passage that allows them to jump onto another particle field located below the boss battle.
  • Before falling down to the boss battle, the penguin should be moved all the way to the right for the final secret.
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Crater Lake Area 1

Level thumbnail on the map screen

This area has a change in background from the previous stages the player has gone through. The scenery shows a bright blue sky with water in the distance and some sandy mountains. Most of the ground in this area is made up of sand.

Crying starfish and a variation of the crab crawlers are introduced to this level. Most of the crying starfish are found on the walls of tall floating platforms near the beginning of this level. The new crab crawlers pace back and forth along the top of platforms or the ground, however, they fly when the penguin is near them. Another enemy introduced to this area is the balloon crab, which flies around the topmost areas of the game.

The jetpack can be found next to the first bomb throwing creature encountered in the game. This is also the same area where a sword pickup can be found.

Secrets in this level

Five secrets can be found in this level.

  • A column with a glass centre with a heart pickup inside it has two individual capsules on top of it. If the penguin goes on top of this platform, players will be able to see another wooden platform above the penguin with more individual capsules. Using a jetpack, the penguin can reach this platform, then follow the path created by the capsules to the top where an extra life pickup can be found.
  • Next to the platform with the jetpack is a platform with a set of capsules forming a pyramid shape. Two crying starfish should be visibly fixed to this platform, along with two crab crawlers on other nearby platforms below. If Ripple Dot Zero uses the jetpack to fly up and collect the capsules, player will see an accelerator arrow that can be used to boost the penguin up to a wooden platform with a black heart pickup.
  • To the left of the checkpoint on sandy ground, a barrel next to a spring will be seen somewhere on the ground. Smashing this barrel opens up an alcove that allows Ripple Dot Zero to obtain the boomerang.
  • Right above the boomerang powerup are some more barrels close to each other. Slashing these breaks parts of the block. If the player guides the penguin as far as he can go, he will fall through a part of the ground and be accelerated into a darker room. If the penguin makes his way to the end of this passageway, players can see a monster wake up inside a cage next to a sign that reads "biobunker SYD".
  • If the player has the boomerang, they can find a secret by entering into an area encased by breakable rock blocks, guarded by a bomb throwing enemy.
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Crater Lake Area 2

Level thumbnail on the map screen

The second area of Crater Lake introduces spike and lava hazards. Spikes appear on the ground and ceiling of certain areas within the level. Some may only be indicated by a sign, and appear if Ripple Dot Zero is close to that area. Lava is found under springs and some destructible platforms.

Enemies in this level include bomb throwing creatures, crab crawlers, balloon crabs and machine bugs. Unlike the previous levels, this area finishes when Ripple Dot Zero steps under a tall tube to the far right that sends him upwards to the next level.

Secrets in this level

There are nine secrets in this level.

  • When the player first falls from the starting point, they will encounter two barrels which the penguin can break, revealing a part of the wall with a heart pickup inside.
  • In between the two sets floating springs, located just below the initial starting point, a part of the wall can be broken to the far right and entered for some capsules.
  • After collecting the jetpack to the right of the spikes on the ground, the player needs to move their penguin to the left and use the spring and equipped jetpack to boost into an indent on a column, where an alcove of capsules and an extra life pickup can be accessed.
  • If the player moves their penguin far enough to the right, they will eventually enter an area with numerous balloon crabs. The exit out of this passageway is blocked by a single heart pickup. After collecting the heart pickup, the penguin should fall off the ledge so that it is positioned to the right of a barrel resting on the ground. The barrel breaks through the cracked walls when slashed at, allowing the penguin to advance farther inside until it falls through inside a darkened passageway, similar to that of the Biobunker labs in area 1. A fully restorable life pickup and extra life can be found here.
  • After crossing the lava pool in open area, the player should come across some platforms with the spikes warning sign on them. A spring should be seen next to the first platform encountered. The penguin should fall off this platform while avoiding the spring, then continue left where it can fall through the ground and collect a jetpack.
  • On the fourth of the series of platforms next to the previously mentioned secret, there is a column fixed in midair with some cracked rock visible. A machinebug should be present near this area. The penguin has to break these cracked rocks, then it can enter and spring up into an alcove with the boomerang inside it.
  • When the penguin makes its way to the top platform after obtaining the boomerang, the player should make the penguin use its jetpack while moving to the right of the checkpoint to slip through a wall and into an enclosed area.
  • A set of four rock blocks can be seen at the topmost part of the screen. Breaking these blocks and then moving as far to the right as possible will cause the penguin to land on a platform hidden behind the walls, initiating the found secret.
  • Along the ground are some platforms that slope downwards to the right. Next to the one farthest to the right, the player needs to press the right and down arrow key so that the penguin can slide through the narrow passageway and onto the hidden particle field.
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Oxygen Plants Area 1

Level thumbnail on the map screen

The background of this area is bright blue, with clouds and spherical structures visible in the distance. This is the first area the player encounters where it is possible to die by falling a certain distance. Multiple platforms are fixed in the air, with gaps leading to areas where the penguin may fall completely off screen and lose a life.

Among the thin platforms are glass chambers. Some have tubular openings that the penguin can slip into from the top or bottom. Others have part of their glass smashed, creating an opening that the penguin can go into.

This level also has many thick tubes that the penguin can go inside. These tubes have arrows that push the penguin in a certain direction. If the penguin enters from the opposite end of the tube, it pushes him back out. If the penguin goes in the correct end of the tube, he should automatically be taken through the direction the tube extends if the player moves the penguin in far enough.

Two enemies are encountered: baseball bots and turrets. Baseball bots are predominantly found near the start of the level and among the thinner platforms.

Finishing this level requires the player to go through a tube, found in the middle of an area that splits into three passageways. If the penguin continues to move in the right direction after exiting the pipe, he can jump up a ledge, where the particle field can be seen.

Secrets in this level

There are eight secrets that can be found in this level.

  • The player should move the penguin downwards and to the right until they encounter some springs to the right of a group of columns, one with the sword powerup. Most of these springs face sideways, but there is one on a platform that will bounce the penguin upwards, into a blocked off passageway. Moving to the left, the player will be able to obtain a jetpack and bounce out of the area.
  • From the previous area: if the player continues straight up from where they found the first secret, they will see a single arrow pointing in the up direction. Using this area, along with the jetpack, the penguin should slip into the square-shaped indent found within a platform.
  • A narrow alcove with two rows of pills can be entered from the left if the player moves through the small glass chambers and moves to the left. A turret firing bullets left and some hidden spikes on a single platform will be encountered. The player needs to use the penguin's jetpack in order to reach this secret, which is located below the end of a pipe.
  • There is an open area with glass chambers fixed in the air. If the penguin continues to the right of these, the player will see a column beside two floating springs. At the bottom of this column is an alcove with a life pickup. The penguin can access it by entering from the left side of the column.
  • A set of pickups is found at the top of some stacked platforms and can be accessed by using a spring at the bottom of a thin glass tube for a boost. At the topmost platform is a white heart pickup; collecting it initiates the "secret found" alert.
  • A single platform that stands as a column has two sets capsule bundles inside it. The penguin can access this by moving through the wall on the left side of the column in line with the pickups. This can be found near the area where the level splits into three pathways that are almost parallel to each other.
  • When the player sees the particle field at the end of the level, they should have the penguin jump onto a platform above it. There, another pipe will take the penguin back a far distance left, where the penguin can walk onto some platforms with pickups.
  • There should be a column of small glass compartments lined up from top to bottom. If the penguin falls next to them, he can weave his way around the inner area, then make his way out left into the open space. Below the blue arrow pointing upwards is a stack of pickups and an extra life grant.
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Oxygen Plants Area 2

Level thumbnail on the map screen

Unlike Oxygen Plants Area 1, Oxygen Plants Area 2 has many larger glass compartments that can be passed through by pipes, springs or accelerator arrows. Losing a life by falling off the edge is mostly not possible in this level, except for some secret areas.

Most of the enemies in this level are baseball bots and crab crawlers. Baseball bots are typically situated in the open areas of the level, while crab crawlers are usually in glass chambers. Some turrets can also be encountered. Enemies unique to this level are zebra raptors, which can be found along the ground in some of the same areas crab crawlers occupy.

Instead of a particle field, the player finishes this level by falling through a long, green tube.

Secrets in this level

There are four secrets in this level. It is not possible to find all the secrets within one playthrough of Oxygen Plants Area 2 unless the player has the permanent jet suit.

  • After coming out of the first glass compartment, the player should see some springs placed on the sides of each level. Using those springs, the penguin will be able to boost itself up into an indent which has a sword powerup inside.
  • Below the checkpoint at the top of an incline, the player should go to the right until they fall into the chamber. They should then continue right until they fall into the next chamber, which has some rocky platforms and baseball bots. To the left of the glassed in area is a hole that the penguin can jump through. Running up the hill onto a spring, the penguin is boosted into an enclosed area with a particle field he can finish on.
  • After acquiring the jetpack, the player should avoid the blue arrows and continue right until they see the path decline at an angle. Instead of going down the hill, the player can boost the penguin up until a jutting out platform comes into view. Landing on this allows the penguin to move all the way to the right and collect the boomerang.
  • The first glass compartment encountered with rock blocks in it has a single zebra raptor running around inside it. Breaking the rocks to the right of it, the penguin should move all the way to the right until he falls and lands on a platform below. A jetpack is also obtainable here, along with some pills. This is the only area of the level where it is possible to die by falling.
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Terrarium Area 1

Level thumbnail on the map screen

This is the first of the two main levels that takes place in a plant-type area. Most of the platforms are tree branches, with hollowed out trunks that Ripple Dot Zero can fit into.

Two enemies are encountered here: a variation of crab crawlers and robotic creatures that hide in short columns on non-tree trunk platforms. Metal doors also make their only appearance in this level, with the risk of crushing the penguin if he is underneath them at the time of their closing.

The sword powerup and boomerang can be found early in the level, the latter being in a secret area. One invincibility powerup is located at the top of a tree trunk with long branches extending from it. Several flying crabs can be encountered in this area.

The last part of this appears to take place in a building-like area. Many rock blocks are found on the top part of the structure, while hiding robots and metal doors are encountered within.

If the player continues to the right, the penguin will eventually reach the particle field, with a heart pickup encountered just before it.

Secrets in this level

Three secrets are in this level.

  • After falling from the starting platform and going to the right, a couple of hollowed out tree trunks with springs at their base should be visible. Bouncing on the spring and going to the right, past the heart pickup, there will be a set of branches above the penguin. Instead of jumping up, the penguin should fall in between the bottom two, where the boomerang can be obtained and counted as a secret.
  • If the player makes the penguin go up, away from the first metal door they encounter, there should be another spring inside a tree trunk that the penguin can bounce up and get a life pickup.
  • In the enclosed area surrounded by metal doors and a couple of hiding robots, the penguin can fall down the narrow gap on the left side, where a spring is located. Rather than landing on the spring, the player should move the penguin to the right, and take the extra life pickup.
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Terrarium Area 2

Level thumbnail on the map screen

The level starts by introducing a group of enemies exclusive to this stage - "mine robots", moving in a clockwise direction around a few platforms with pills and a heart pickup. Jumping onto the tree branch above the platforms, the penguin can continue right, through a tree trunk and onto another group of platforms, with mine robots moving to counter clockwise around the platforms, outlining a rectangle shape. At the top of the tree trunk (accessed by bouncing up a spring on the ground to the left), the player will encounter more flying crabs from Terrarium Area 1.

If the player continues moving the penguin to the right, the path splits into upper and lower regions. The upper region has fan enemies, also exclusive to the Terrarium Area 2. The bottom region has mine robots that only move on the vertical plane, but at a faster rate than the ones encountered earlier.

The two areas converge to a place with multiple arrows, springs and many flying crab creatures above. An invincibility powerup and full hearts pickup can be found by springing up along the leftmost side of the space. The penguin can then move along the arrows, then spring up near the bottom right. A jetpack should be visible on one of the platforms near the top right.

Upon collecting the jetpack, the penguin can move all the way to the left and up platforms until the player sees a tree trunk. From there, the penguin can run all the way right, where he can pass a checkpoint and a hole in a tree trunk leading to the next area.

This section has multiple glass chambers with a tint of green in them. Pills are contained in most of them, with some hearts. Most of these glass covered containers can be accessed from the side, while some need to be broken through with the G-Blade or have crumbling platforms that allow the penguin to access their contents from the top.

The penguin can move down to the ground and proceed to the player's right after breaking the rock blocks. A succession of platforms, each a bit higher than the one before, are encountered here. Each platform has a crab crawler, and the topmost one also has a fan. To the right of this area is a checkpoint.

A couple of springs past the checkpoint, the player will pass a series of platforms and valleys with crab crawlers walking along the ground. There are a number of pickups that the player can collect as they make their way up and to the right, which should lead them to the particle field.

Alternatively, in the last pit with an array of pills over three springs that are flat on the ground, the penguin can make his way to the right instead of going up. He will be able to travel through the wall and through a secret passageway, which leads to the Terrarium's Hidden Area.

Secrets in this level

There are two secrets to be found in the Terrarium Area 2.

  • Near the beginning, on the left side of a tree trunk with two capsules to break. The player can slash through the tree trunk and enter it, descending down its entire height.
  • At the top platforms after attaining the jetpack, the player can slash the side of the tree trunk while standing on its right to obtain the G-blade. If they continue to slash farther into the trunk, they can also pick up a black heart pickup.
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One Last Thing...

Level thumbnail on the map screen

The level's setting looks similar to that of Crater Lake Area 1's. Before going right, the penguin should run left to pick up two extra hearts. The player can then proceed in the other direction, which only requires moving the penguin to the right without jumping. Along the path, a single heart pickup can also be collected.

After running for a while, the player should eventually encounter two platforms fixed in the air. To the right of them, a metal eye will be seen poking out of the ground. Approaching it will cause the creature hiding underneath to emerge. This creature appears to be a brain, and is the final boss in the game.

Once the boss has been defeated, it will leave the area, and the penguin can continue all the way to the right until he reaches the particle field.

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The Shuttle/Launch Pad

Level thumbnail on the map screen

This is the final level of the game that must be played to view the ending. Throughout it, the penguin has to jump on platforms and springs to catch up with the brain. The brain fires a series of bullets in the penguin's direction when he catches up to it. After each wave of bullets, the player is supposed to attack the brain by slashing at it when it is vulnerable.

In the middle of the level, electricity is beamed in between several platforms. The player needs to time the penguin's movements correctly as to not run into the electricity when it is active. Above and below them are crumbling platforms, which are reduced to a single small square when they disappear. The penguin should move quickly when jumping on crumbling platforms, or the player will have to jump with more accuracy if he falls.

At the end of the stage, next to the Shuttle's entrance, the brain will attack the penguin one last time. As soon as the player lands the final blow, the brain will explode and descend, out of the screen's view. The penguin can then continue all the way to the right, which will load the game's end sequence.

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This navigational box contains a spoiler. Click [show] to open.

The end sequence begins with the penguin looking out over still water with two large domes in the distance. A series of images then displays, showing different scenery from the levels previously played: the Terrarium, the Oxygen Plants, Crater Lake and Ripple Laboratories. The scene changes back to the Launch Pad, where the penguin is seen running into the shuttle. The door closes before the shuttle begins to lift off. It can be seen ascending high into the air from a distance.

The shuttle is displayed closeup as it continues its launch into space and towards a planet that is mostly beige. The end credits roll, and after finishing, a final end screen shows. Its contents depend on whether the player has beaten all bonus stages or not


  • Crab crawlers have a shell, and pace back and forth on the platform they are located on.
  • Planes slowly fly across an area, shooting a single bullet when the penguin is within shooting range.
  • Crying starfish let a black droplet fall from their eye when Ripple Dot Zero is near them.
  • Machinebugs remain grounded and fire a set of horizontal bullets when the penguin is in view.
  • Baseball bots move horizontally in the air and often move towards the penguin if he is at the same elevation as the path they are traveling.


Interactive objects




Hydroplant weapon glitch

  • When Terrarium .02 on was selected on the world map, an error message would appear on the loading screen. The bug is caused by the addition of an Easter egg to Terrarium Area 2[2] and is not present in any updated version of the game. This was later fixed upon the launch of
  • If the player obtains the Gyro Blade in the Hydroplant and dies afterwards, they are sent back to the start of the stage. If they get the Gyro Blade after being respawned, the penguin will continue to use his sword attack while the Blade sprite shows. Pressing the keys to switch weapons may cause the boomerang to completely disappear from the penguin.
  • Entering the leaping robot battle with the invincibility powerup and permanent jet suit toggled may cause the penguin to retain the invincibility powerup permanently for the rest of that stage. This glitch is indicated by the change to the boss music while the invincibility powerup music is playing, as opposed to the two tracks playing overtop each other, indicating that the glitch would not occur.

    The error that can appear upon trying to load the tutorial stage.

    • If the player tries to reenter the area after having permanent invincibility, the penguin's default sprite is shown wearing the invincible suit, but without its effects. Obtaining the invincibility powerup in this state will change the penguin back to its normal sprite.
  • Entering a level on the map screen can lead to an error screen showing up and the level not loading, in some instances. This seems to occur when the Pixeltruss and Ripple Dot Zero websites are inaccessible for the user.


Music in Ripple Dot Zero
Menu Level select
Game - Like You Just Woke Up Game - Ripple Labs part 1
Bonus levels Game - Ripple Labs part 2
Invincible Secret area - Hydro Plant
Game - Crater Lake part 1 Game - Crater Lake part 2
Secret area - Badlands Game - Oxygen Plant part 1
Game - Oxygen Plant part 2 Secret area - Oxygen Plant
Game - Terrarium part 1 Game - Terrarium part 2
Secret area - Terrarium Game - One Last Thing
Game - Launch Pad Ending - "Ignition"
Ending - Credits Launch trailer music



Ripple Dot Zero's titlescreen includes a link to the Pixeltruss shop, which allows external game merchandise to be purchased online. The shop is divided into two categories: one for the game's soundtrack on, and another for additional merchandise on Although not displayed on the Pixeltruss shop website, the game's soundtrack can also be purchased on iTunes or Amazon.

Merchandise on features prints of the penguin, as well as the Pixeltruss and Ripple Dot Zero logos. These can come on a variety of different items, such as posters, cards, clothing and stickers.


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