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Resort Empire
Link: Pixel Love
Developer Little Giant World
Released: March 21, 2013 (Newgrounds)
Featured: December 29, 2014
Platform Flash
Control scheme: Mouse
Data saved: Autosaved by day
Website(s): Newgrounds, Kongregate

Resort Empire is an isometric simulation game released on Newgrounds on March 21, 2013 by Little Giant World. It was featured on Pixel Love on December 29, 2014. The player runs a resort in which they build to gain popularity.


  • PC Mouse Left Click.png Mouse left click - Control interface
  • W_key.png A_key.png S_key.png D_key.png WASD keys - Move map view
  • Q key - Hides/unhides buildings


The player uses the mouse to select and place booths in the resort area. In the same manner, they can also place tiles for decoration or to give visitors access to the different booths. Over time, visitors come to the resort and may stay in the accommodations or use the facilities, which earns the player some money. Players use the money they earn to build additional booths or upgrade existing ones that attract more visitors.

The game plays continuously, with a statistics screen appearing at the end of each day that can be toggled on or off. The statistics screen provides a detailed report of the day's expenses and earnings, and the player's overall profit for that day. When the day ends, the game auto-saves, allowing players to continue their game to the next day.


Gameplay interface

Top bar

From left to right:

  • The player's name as provided at the start of the game is displayed above their Research Points.
  • A yellow star with a number inside it indicates the rating of the resort. Having more stars allows the player to unlock additional upgrades. The player can reach a maximum level of 11.
  • The blue buttons to the right of the star allow the player to view all of a certain category of people, booths or plants. By using this tool, players can upgrade booths or quick jump to a particular visitor or janitor.
  • The smaller picture with the skeleton of a building can be used to hide all buildings on the map, leaving only tiles, visitors and garbage visible. This can also be toggled using the Q key.


Tools appear as small square-shaped buttons and are displayed vertically on the left side of the screen.

  • Show tips - This brings out a popup on the left side of the screen showing tips on how to play the game. Tips are gradually unlocked as the player progresses.
  • Select arrow - Toggles the select tool, which lets players select booths or tiles by clicking with the mouse.
  • Drag screen with mouse - Toggles the drag tool, which can be used to click and hold to move the map view.
  • Build Room - Allows the player to build a room of their choice.
  • Build Facility - Allows the player to build a facility of their choice.
  • Create Plant - The player can use this tool to create a plant on any green tile.
  • Create Tile - Lets the player make walkable tiles for visitors or non-walkable tiles for plants.
  • Create Janitor's Room - Allows the player to create one janitor's room.
  • Expand the Resort - Gives the player the option of expanding the size of the resort, allowing them to place more booths and tiles inside.
  • Resort Upgrade - Lets the player choose upgrades that affect visitors, facilities and rooms. By purchasing upgrades, new facilities are unlocked.

Bottom bar

  • At the far left, a clock with a constantly moving minute hand is seen, indicating the time of day. The current day the player is on is indicated underneath.
  • View Statistic - Shows the income, expenses and gains/losses. This popup can also automatically be displayed at the end of each day.
  • View Legend - Displays information on what the speech bubbles of the visitors represent.
  • View Achievements - Displays a list of achievements the player can obtained or has already obtained.
  • Settings - Brings up a popup of external game settings the player can configure.
  • Facebook button - This brings up a list of links to the developer and sponsor's Facebook pages. Liking the pages earns the player extra money and RP.


Visitors arrive to the resort in either singles or pairs. Some visitors will book a room, which allows them to spend more money and stay longer in the resort. Other visitors enter the resort to solely use the facilities.


Special visitors arrive by chance when certain requirements are fulfilled. Players are always notified upon their arrival in the top right corner of the game screen. Unlike regular visitors, special visitors have sparkles around their entire body and a separate tab within the "Visitors" menu. These visitors spend more time than a regular visitor inside the resort and carry more money overall. There are five unique special visitors, whose prerequisites are listed in the game's legend.

Name Requirements
Anne Hat Away
  • Five resort stars
  • Popularity: 10%
  • One lodge
Mr. Rock
  • One medical centre
  • Popularity: 25%
Naomi Volts
  • Five resort stars
  • Popularity: 40%
  • One lodge
Robert Fatinson
  • Five resort stars
  • Popularity: 50%
  • One lodge upgraded to level 2
  • One minimarket
Jason State
  • Five resort stars
  • Popularity: 60%
  • Two lodges
    • One of these lodges upgraded to level 3
  • One pool


Missions appear at the bottom of the screen, which give the player money when they fulfill certain requirements. The missions always appear in the same order and with the same rewards for each playthrough of the game. There are ninety missions in total.

Mission Reward
Build a room on your resort $500
Connected room with main road $500
Put a plant on your resort $500
Build a facility on your resort $750
Put a plant on grass tile $750
Have at least 1 visitor stayed on your resort $750
Hire at least 1 cleaning service $500
Total money $2500 $1000
Have 12 plants on your resort $1000
Have total 8 facilities and rooms on your resort $2500
Have 4 cleaning service staffs on your resort $1500
Have 20 plants on your resort $1000
Have 8 booked rooms on your resort $1000
Earn $1000 profit at end day $1000
Have 12 rooms on your resort $5000
Upgrade at least one facility $4000
Have customers using facility 25 times in a day $2000
Served your first meal $2000
Build 5 booth ‘types’ of facility $5000
Have one Janitor’s Room with full upgrade $2500
Have 3 janitors with full promote $3000
Have 3 facilities with 2 stars or more $1200
Have 10 maple trees $1200
Have 3 Cottages with two stars or more $4000
Reach 5 Resort’s Stars $5000
Have one lodge room $1500
Have your first special visitor inside your resort $3500
Have at least 10 booths unlocked $1500
Expand your resort land $5000
Earn $2500 profit at end day $1500
Have total 15 facilities $12500
Have at least 4 lodge $3000
Have 25 visitors inside your resort $3000
Have 40 plants on your resort


Have 3 facilities with full upgrade


Have customers using facility 80 times in a day $2000
Upgrade your lobby room $5000
Have at least 2 Giftshops $1000
Spend $15000 money in a day $5000
Have 15 booked rooms on your resort $7000
Have all kind of minibooths $2500
Have total 35 facilities and rooms on your resort $15000
Have at least 1 Medical Center $3000
Have at least 1 full upgrade Jacuzzi $4500
Have 20 rooms on your resort $6500
Have 4 Janitor's Room with full upgrade $3500
"Medical Center(s)" has been used 11 times $2500
Ann Hat Away inside your resort $7000
Have at least 1 West restaurant $2500
Have at least 3 full upgrade cottage $4500
Have customers using facility 110 times in a day $7000
Have 7 facilities with full upgrade $7500 $7500
Have at least 2 Minimarket $5000
'Mr. Rock' inside your resort $7000
There are 10 couples inside your resort $3000
Have 3 Lodges with two stars or more $4500
Have 50 visitors inside your resort $3250
Expand your resort land twice $10,000
Have 70 plants on your resort $4000
'Minimarket(s)' has been used 100 times $3500
'Medical Center(s)' has been used 55 times $5000
Have at least 1 full upgrade Lodge $5000
Total money $100,000 $10,000
'Naomi Volts' inside your resort $7000
Have at least 15 lodge $5000
Have 15 booth 'types' of facility $10,000
Have customers using facility 200 times in a day $2000
Have total 60 booths $15,000
Your lobby has been used 750 times $5000
Janitor staffs clean 5 trash in one day $3000
'Robert Fatinson' inside your resort $7000
Have 10 rooms with full upgrade $15,000
Have 90 plants on your resort $4000
Have at least 1 Medical Center with two stars or more $4000
'Jason State' inside your resort $7000
Buy all extra upgrades $50,000
Have Swimming Pool and Golf $10,000
'Minimarket(s)' has been used 250 times $6000
Build all kind of booth on your resort $25,000
Have 2 special visitors inside your resort $10,000
Janitor staffs clean 10 trash in one day $3000
Have 20 janitors with full promote $6000
At least 12 achievements completed $10,000
Have 120 plants on your resort $4000
Have at least 1 Medical Center with full upgrade $9000
Have at 75 visitors inside your resort $3000
Fully upgrade your lobby room $10,000
Have at least 1 full upgrade Swimming Pool $9000
Have at least 3 special visitors inside your resort $4000
Achievements completed $50,000
All missions completed $100,000


Main article: Booths

  • Accommodations
    • Cottage
    • Lodge
  • Facilities


Menu Tutorial
Game (Day music) Game (Night music)
Game (Alternate day music)


Little Giant World released a trailer for Resort Empire on February 20, 2013.

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