Small Worlds Reprisal Agent Turnright
Link: Pixel Love
Developer Electrolyte
Released: Newgrounds
May 24, 2012
Featured: June 25, 2012
Platform Flash
Control scheme: Mouse
No. of levels: 30
Data saved: Levels
Genre(s): Real Time Strategy
Website(s): Newgrounds

Reprisal is an isometric real-time strategy game produced by Electrolyte as a tribute to Populous. It was featured on Pixel Love on June 25, 2012. The player uses a tribe to conquer islands and retrieve the necessary totems.


  • PC Mouse Left Click Mouse - Select / Use items
  • Space.png Spacebar - Switch terraforming type
  • Move map
    • Left.png Right.png Up.png Down.png
    • A_key.png S_key.png W_key.png D_key.png


Reprisal can be played in two different modes: Campaign and Skirmish. These are designated on the main menu screen.

Play Campaign

Campaign mode has thirty set islands that alternate between totem collecting and fighting other tribes. Totems collected in previous levels carry on to subsequent levels. Progress is also recorded in Campaign mode, with codes that give the player the chance to import save data or export them by generating a backup code.

Skirmish Game


The screen after selecting Skirmish Game.

In Skirmish, an opponent tribe is randomly selected and a metre determines their aggression. A palette is also present below the metre, displaying the types of totems both players are allowed to use during the level. The design of the level is randomly selected, and beating the level brings the player back to the title screen.


Several tools and indicators are located in various areas around the playing screen. The game is played in the middle area, between the top and bottom rows of buttons.


The in-game interface


The buttons are found at the top of the screen issue out commands for the blue tribe.

  • Make settlements - The selected command by default, the tribe will make settlements on any available flat land.
  • Look for a fight - Any members of the tribe will move towards the opponent tribes and attack their residences. If two opposing tribes come in contact with each other, they will also fight.
  • Gather at waypoint - This command calls all members of the tribe to make their way to the marked waypoint. It can be used to move all members of the tribe to a particular area of land. If there is a leader, the tribe members will follow the leader before making their way to the waypoint.
  • Locate leader - Although not a direct command for the tribe, this button allows the player to search for the current leader of their tribe.


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Levels in Reprisal are referred to as "islands", and there are thirty in total. Some islands require the player to collect a totem, while others must be conquered for level completion. Totem-based objective levels do not require defeating the other tribe in order to proceed to the next.

A narrator appears on screen and speaks to the player before the level commences. This text is displayed on a speech bubble that takes up most of the game screen.

1: Baby Steps

Pre-level text: Oh hi, this one is easy. Just head down south and pick up the forest totem. Use a Waypoint totem to guide your people, no problem...

Baby Steps
Land Forest
Opponent(s) None
Objective Collect Forest totem

The first level has the most narrator involvement out of all levels in the game. The narrator guides the player through the basic commands of creating a waypoint from the Earth totems. The main goal is to have the tribe collect the Forest totem, which is a short distance from the settlement a tribe member built at the start of the level.

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Reprisal Island 1 Baby Steps

Reprisal Island 1 Baby Steps

2: Earth Duties

Pre-level text: Let's get moving, you will need to use the terrorform [sic] totem for this island. Build, expand and invade.

Earth Duties
Land Forest
Opponent(s) Yellow tribe
Objective Conquer

This is the second and final tutorial level of the game. This level guides the player on how to engage in battle with the enemy tribe. The two tribes are spaced far away from each other, and on separate islands, with one smaller island in between them. The player must first build some settlements before clicking on the sword icon at the top of the screen to command the people to battle. The yellow tribe is composed of a single person, who has built a shack on the edge of the island they are placed on.

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Reprisal Gameplay Island 02

Reprisal Gameplay Island 02

3: Fire Play

Pre-level text: Excellent, this is what I've been after. Collect the fire totem so we can start to heat things up.

Fire Play
Land Forest
Opponent(s) Red tribe
Objective Collect Fire Column totem

This strip of land joins is vertical from the player's perspective, with the blue tribe positioned at the top nook, and the red tribe close to the small piece of land joining the two larger areas of land together. Both tribes start out with an equal number of people in each tribe. Smaller islands can be seen near the larger island, next to the two tribes.

The fire totem is located next to the red tribe's initial position, on a part of land that juts out to the right. Setting a waypoint on the floating totem will guide the people to collect it.

4: Big Freeze

Pre-level text: Let's lock-n-load with the new fire totem and heat this place up. Expand and conquer...

Big Freeze
Land Ice barren
Opponent(s) Green tribe
Objective Conquer

In this level, the green tribe starts out with a three quarter advantage over the blue tribe's one quarter. Blue and green are placed on their own island, separated by another island with several holes visible in it.


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The screen fades to a picture of a tribe member holding a sword while hovering over the peak of a small hill, underneath the tribe symbol. On either sides of him are various members of the tribe, along with the Earth, Fire and Wind heros. Text is displayed in two lines, reading: "You have reprised this world/I feel this is just the beginning".

  • Ending screen 1
  • Ending screen 2


The game's soundtrack is downloadable on SoundCloud and is labeled as "Resistor Anthems". There are five tracks used solely in-game, along with a menu track, which also plays in certain levels.

Reprisal Intro - Ascending
Reprisal Menu - Underclocked
Reprisal Main
Opening Menu/Game Game 1
Reprisal Main - All of Us
Reprisal Main - Chibi Ninja
Reprisal Main - Come and Find Me
Game 2 Game 3 Game 4
Reprisal Main - We're the Resistors
Reprisal Ending
Game 5 Ending

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