Perspective Qoosh Abduction
Link: Pixel Love
Developer Aethos Games
Released: Newgrounds
January 17, 2013
Featured: February 4, 2013
Platform Flash
Control scheme: Keyboard, Mouse
No. of levels: 14
Data saved: In-game progress
Genre(s): Platform, Puzzle
Website(s): Aethos Games, Newgrounds

Qoosh is a puzzle platformer game featured on Pixel Love on February 4, 2013. The player controls a green alien called Qoosh, whose main objective is to complete level amidst a watching character.

The game draws elements from the Portal series, including the game's dialogue, colour of level walls, and the use of blue colours to indicate a pressed button.


  • Left.png Right.png Up.png Down.png Arrow keys - Move
  • PC Mouse Left Click Mouse - Teleport


The player plays a character called Qoosh, who is placed in various test chambers by a test administrator. As the game progresses, the test administrator tells the player how several of the chambers have not been approved by the government. During one level, a character called Mr. Smith comes to evaluate a chamber.

The test administrator tells Smith about the project, chambers, and some functions of the chambers. He also shows Mr. Smith how he can instantly kill the player, although Smith is unamused. Mr. Smith presses a button which eliminates the distance boundaries for the Qoosh's warp boundaries.

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As the player enters the next level, the player is told by the test administrator that the testing facility is being shut down. The administrator goes on to say how it seems that Qoosh and him have formed a bond.

As Qoosh reaches the end of the level and goes into the final room, sirens sound as he is held up by a seemingly invisible object. Qoosh dies after the test administrator says he has no use for him anymore.


Qoosh consists of 14 levels.


Name Blurb Obtained
??? Finish the game Complete the game
??? Finish the game in 12:30 or less Complete the game in 12 minutes 30 seconds or less
??? Finish the game in 280 warps or less Complete the game warping 280 times or less
??? Finish the game with all candies collected Go through the game, collect all candies, then complete the game
??? Finish the game with less than 7 deaths Finish the game without dieing less than seven times
??? Destroy a turret with its own bullet Cause a turret to fire a bullet in the pathway of the player, then switch places with the turret
Almost got away Almost escape falling into the new chambers The player has to jump several times and teleport onto the platform directly in front of the them, but not fall down into the new chambers. When they cross that platform and come to the next, they should also avoid falling downwards, and teleport into the small alcove
Sadistic Find many creative ways to destroy turrets Cause a turret that does not fire to be crushed against spikes. This achievement can only be obtained in the room of one level that features three non-firing turrets, and where the player has to put them on a block that goes under spikes
Bullet slinger Redirect a bullet Teleport a bullet
Nuisance Annoy your test administrator On the level with the tractor beam the player is told not to go up, go up the tractor beam 4-5 times.

Interactive objects


  • Acid - destroys objects and the player
  • Spike blocks - dangerous, puts pressure on buttons

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