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Puzzle Legends
Link: Pixel Love
Developer Nazo Systems
Released: April 19, 2014 (Newgrounds)
Featured: February 2, 2015
Platform Flash
Control scheme: Keyboard
Data saved: Levels
Genre(s): Puzzle
Website(s): Newgrounds, Kongregate

Puzzle Legends is a puzzle game released on Newgrounds on April 19, 2014. It was featured on Pixel Love on February 2, 2015 alongside Boomerang Chang. The game is inspired by the NES game Adventures of Lolo.

The player's goal is to reach the designated lever so that they can exit the level.


  • Left.png Right.png Up.png Down.png Arrow keys - Move
  • X_key.png X key - Interact with objects



Interactive objects



Puzzle Legends Menu
Puzzle Legends Shop
Menu Shop
Puzzle Legends Artifacts
Puzzle Legends Main 1
Artifacts Game (Tower 1)
Puzzle Legends Main 2
Puzzle Legends Main 3
Game (Tower 2) Game (Tower 3)
Puzzle Legends Ending
Puzzle Legends Stats
Ending credits Stats screen

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