Ability: Varies
Game(s): Seedling

Pulleys are interactive objects in Seedling.


Pulleys are brown and made up of two main components separated by two parallel horizontal lines of rope. One end has a rectangle with a knob, and a semicircle peeking out of the rectangle. The other end of the rope is a piece which has ends that curve away from the rope.

Game information

The pulley makes three appearances in three locations of the game: Gundernoud, Rostef and Lacste. The ropes of each pulley must be cut with the sword within their area in order to proceed through the game. Once a pulley's rope has been cut, its two parts will remain separated for the rest of Seedling, its results permanent. When a rope is cut, it will trigger a certain effect that differs depending on the location a pulley is found in.


  • Gundernoud - When cut, the rope stops the firing of arrows from attacking the seedling. This allows him to access the switch in the passageway, which in turn unlocks the path to fight the Shieldspire.
  • Rostef - A pulley with a shorter rope is found in Rostef, and when cut, sends a rock to fall onto a switch that removes a green block obstructing a passageway on the other side.
  • Lacste In Lacste, the pulley blocks the pathway of the seedling. When he cuts the rope to proceed, a block drops down on the narrow passageway behind him, preventing the player from going back to the previously visited area in the castle.