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Prominent Mountain
Link: Pixel Love
Developer ABA Games
Released: ~May 18, 2014[1]
Featured: May 19, 2014
Platform Flash
Control scheme: Mouse
Genre(s): Platform

Prominent Mountain is an endless platformer by ABA Games. It was featured on Pixel Love on May 19, 2014. The player's goal is to guide a truck using a series of hills while avoiding the red mountains.


  • PC Mouse Mouse - Move to adjust the level of the mountains
    • Click outside the screen to pause the game


The player controls a yellow trucks who rides along on green mountains. The vehicle moves at its own pace and changes speed based on the height of the mountains it rides on. The height of the mountains can be adjusted by moving the mouse on the screen, thus steering the car. Periodically, red mountains are encountered and should be driven under or over. The game ends when the truck runs into a red mountain.


  • Truck - A yellow vehicle with two large wheels visible on the screen. The truck is steered by the height of the green mountains and must avoid red ones.
  • Green mountains - Green thin rectangles that can be adjusted according to the player's control. The truck maneuvers on these.
  • Red mountains - The only hazards in the game. Red mountains are signalled before their arrival by a thin strip of red on the right side of the screen. These mountains are rectangular and can occupy any portion of the screen. Hitting one results in instant death.


Scores are based on vertical travel. The higher the truck is thrust into the air, the greater the point value.


  1. Rough estimated release date, based on the Browser Pick retrieved May 19, 2014

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