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Space Odyssey Planet 161 Recursion
Planet 161
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Link: Pixel Love
Released: Kongregate
April 22, 2012
Featured: January 7, 2013
Platform Flash
Control scheme: Keyboard
No. of levels: 13
Data saved: None
Genre(s): Platform, Puzzle, Adventure
Website(s): MiniBoss, Newgrounds, JayisGames, Kongregate
Development time: 48 hours

Planet 161 is an action-adventure game created by MiniBoss for Ludum Dare 23 from April 20-23, 2012. It was featured on Pixel Love the Monday of January 7, 2013. The game is about a soldier named Hinds who is trying to escape from the evil clutches of the emperor Zordak and the tiny prison planet using different guns to manipulate his environment.


  • Left.png Right.png Down.png Arrow keys - Move
  • A_key.png Up.png A or Up arrow key - Jump
  • S_key.png S or X key - Use powerup


The thirteen levels of Planet 161 come right after each other. Hinds narrates some of the levels, displaying his thoughts as well as prompts to help the player pass the levels.



Introduction to Planet 161

Level 1

Items: None

The area Hinds is first put in is shaped like a thin rectangle, with a group of three blocks near the wormhole in the shape of ascending stairs. Since the lowest "step" is closest to Hinds than the wormhole, the player needs to guide him to their right, have him jump on the steps created by the blocks and touch the wormhole.

Level 2

Items: Gun

This level introduces the player to the first item of the game: the gun. When Hinds picks it up, he can use it by pressing the S key. The bullets from the gun are powerful enough to move the blocks, necessary to complete this level.

Once the player has obtained the gun, they must use it from Hinds' current position to shoot all three blocks which should be in front of Hinds. When the stack of two blocks is shot, the bottom one will slide off, allowing Hinds to shoot the top one, which will now be at the former bottom block's previous position. The two blocks should now be nestled on top of each other in a thin gap. Hinds can now reach the wormhole by moving with the right arrow key.

Level 3

Items: Gun

The level reminds the player to restart with the R key if they get stuck. To start, Hinds must move to the player's right and collect the gun powerup. Then, jumping over to the platform with the block, Hinds should go to the far right into the small gap on the ground and shoot the block from that side. Jumping out of the gap, Hinds can use the block to jump onto higher ground, where the wormhole is.

Level 4

Items: Gun, Plunger

Two items are present in this level: the gun and the plunger. The player is only able to carry one item at a time. If an item is collected while Hinds is carrying another item, the former item's icon will reappear on screen until the player chooses to go back for it.

To complete the level, the gun can be used to shoot the block onto the column sticking out of the ground. Hinds can then move onto that block and move off the column to pick up the plunger. The plunger can then be used to create temporary steps, allowing Hinds to travel along walls in an upward direction.

Level 5

Items: Grabber

To the player's left from Hinds is a stack of three blocks, and in the right direction is a grabber, also located on the ground. In order to reach the wormhole, located on the top of a jutting out platform above the ground, Hinds must pick up the grabber and use it to bring the bottom block towards him. He should then use the block as a step to reach the topmost platform and enter the wormhole.

Level 6

Items: Gun

When Hinds moves to the right from the player's perspective, he will automatically pick up the gun, allowing him to move the blocks out of his path. The first block should be shot twice, and the next four blocks should be shot once. Hinds should move down from the elevated platform so that he is in line with the last three blocks he shot. He then needs to shoot them again so that they land in the block-sized pits. This lets him travel straight across to the right and off the last elevated platform, so that the wormhole is now in view.

Now on the ground, Hinds must jump up on the stair-shaped platform, shooting the block from the top step. The block will fall off the elevated platform it is on and land on the ground. The player can then guide Hinds to the wormhole by jumping on the block, then into the alcove on the far left.

Level 7

Items: Plunger, Gun

The area of this level forms two structured columns, which have the player guide hinds in an upward direction, then falling down to the other side.

From the far right, Hinds needs to collect the plunger in order to make his way up the walls until a gun comes into view. Picking up the gun, Hinds should shoot the block until it lands on the ground. Using the small step, Hinds should be able to make the jump across the gap to the top of the adjacent wall and fall off. Landing on the block he just shot, Hinds can jump up to the wormhole.

Level 8

Items: Gun, Grabber

To pass the pit of lava successfully, Hinds must first use the grabber to pull the block out of the way and into the pit of lava in front of him. (Using the gun will cause the block to land in the only available spot next to another block, preventing the player from reaching the door.) The player should then make Hinds run quickly to their right so that he can make the jump over the lava pit and land on safe ground. This jump is inhibited due to the low ceiling that prevents Hinds from high vertical movement.

Once Hinds is on the other side, he should use his grabber to pull the bottom blue block under two explosives. Jumping onto the top explosive, Hinds should be able to access the narrow passageway and collect the gun. To the player's right, Hinds can fire a shot to blow up the explosive so that he can collect the key card located in the enclosed area to the right.

With the gun in hand, Hinds can move down to the other passageway on the farthest right. Shooting the block to move it out of the way, Hinds can move down and unlock the door by passing through it. This provides him with a clear path to the wormhole.

Level 9

Items: Gun, Plunger

The wormhole is visible from Hinds' starting point, but it is blocked off by a locked door. To collect the key card, Hinds has to collect the key card in an area blocked off by multiple explosives.

The player should first pick up the grabber at the bottom of the area. Using it, they can pull the block off the ledge by standing next to the explosives so that they are in line with the block. The block can then be used as a boost to jump onto the higher ledge and back to Hinds' starting point. Next, to the far left, the player should pull out one of the two blocks from the stack leading to the door. They can jump on the higher ledge to make it fall to the ground, then on the ground until Hinds can use it to jump up and collect the gun.

Hinds can fall to the ledge where the single blue block originally was and use the gun to fire a shot to the left. All explosives touching each other will blow up, clearing a path. In the narrow passageway, Hinds needs to blow up one additional explosive to reach the inner passageway, where he can collect the key card and plunger. When he has the key card, the player can use the plunger to help Hinds move up walls where he cannot jump to on his own.

Level 10

Items: Gun, Plunger

Since the white blocks prevent Hinds from using the plunger on them, he must instead climb up the walls on the left until he is able to collect the gun. Jumping up, he should shoot left to move the blue block until it is touching the corner. Jumping over the blue block closest to the explosive (and not shooting it), Hinds has to jump over the pit of lava to pick up the grabber. He must then use the grabber when in line with the explosive to bring it down the narrow passageway lined with white blocks.

Being careful not to fall down the same passageway the explosive went, Hinds should make his way back down to where he started, collecting the gun in the process. Shooting the two explosives, he can make his way to the right and enter the wormhole.

Level 11

Items: Plunger, Grabber, Gun

There are three thin columns in the middle of this level with an explosive at the top and one at the bottom, sandwiched between the column and the ground. The player's goal is to bring all top explosives to the bottom in between the columns, so that they can form a chain and open the path to the wormhole.

To start, the player should collect the plunger and make their way up the first column. Since there are white blocks lining the wall up to the ledge with the grabber, Hinds has to make his way over the three columns, then fire a plunger onto the nearest floating platform to reach the grabber. At this point, Hinds will not be stuck if he falls into one of the columns, since he still has the plunger.

Once the grabber is collected, Hinds should make his way back on the floating platforms to the far right, next to the plunger. Using the grabber, he should pull all of the explosives at the top so that they fall in between the crevasses and land at the bottom. All corners of the explosives should be in contact with each other. The player may have Hinds jump each column to avoid explosives falling into the same opening, forcing them to restart the level.

After all top explosives have been brought down, Hinds can return to the far right and pick up the plunger so that he can climb up the ledge and collect the gun. Jumping over each individual column, Hinds needs to end up back to line himself up with the explosive farthest to the player's left so that he can fire the gun at it. All explosives should be eliminated once the gun is shot.

Picking up the plunger close to the starting position again, Hinds can create steps to lead him back the way he went to get the gun, but instead, fall into the opening formerly blocked off by the explosives to complete the level.

Level 12

Items: Gun, Plunger

First, Hinds should collect the gun and shoot it at the blocks so that the top block lines up with the edge of the platform it is on, and the bottom block sticks out from below. From the top of the bottom block, Hinds can jump on the two blocks to collect the key card. If he is on the ledge next to the lone explosive, the player should have Hinds shoot it to clear a path.

Next, Hinds needs make his way back down to use the key card. The player should eliminate the two explosives along the way, leaving the group of three blocks. Through the door, Hinds can collect the plunger, then make his way up the wall and around to obtain the grabber. In the small alcove on the farthest right, Hinds can use the grabber to have the blocks fill the open space within the ground.

On a flat path now, Hinds makes his way towards the wormhole and jumps up so that he is in line with the two blocks obstructing the path to the wormhole. From the floating block, he can grab the two blocks to bring them into the hole in between the two grey blocks and walk to the player's left, to the wormhole.

Level 13

Items: Gun, Grabber, Plunger

When Hinds falls off the ledge at the start of the level, he will automatically collect the gun. Jumping over the block, he should collect the grabber and position himself one block's distance away from the explosive, so that the explosive he grabs from below will cause the one on top to land on the ground, yet still be touching the other explosive. Going back for the gun, he should shoot the block to prevent himself from getting the grabber, then shoot the two explosives on the ground.

There is a ledge that can be seen leading to a gun, which should be to the player's right. On the left will be a column of blocks and an explosive to the farthest left. Equipped with the gun, Hinds should shoot the first block so that it lands in the small indent next to the explosive. The player should then get the grabber and move the remaining blocks in the stack so that the first two are level with the narrow passageway leading to the gun. The last remaining block should sit on the ground next to the explosive, on the same level. Going for the gun found in the narrow passageway, Hinds can shoot the last obstructive explosive.

The plunger is located at the bottom left corner of the level. The player should now be able to go and pick it up. Using the plunger, Hinds will be able to make his way up the walls, weaving up, right, down then up to reach the escape pod, which was visible from his initial starting point.


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  • Lava - Destroys blocks, will also kill Hinds if he falls in.

Interactive objects

  • Wormholes - The finishing point of each level, except for the last.
  • Blocks - Mainly used as steps for Hinds to reach high ledges he could not normally reach with jumping alone. Blocks sometimes become obstacles that need to be moved, obstructing passageways.
  • Key cards - Allow Hinds to open doors.
  • Doors - Prevent Hinds from accessing the wormhole or an item without a key card.
  • Explosives - Obstacles that can be jumped on and grabbed, like that of blocks. When shot with a gun, they explode and are removed from the level unless the player chooses to restart.


Hinds can collect three items within the game. Only one can be carried at a time. If he picks up an item while he has another, the previous item will no longer be in use. The player must return to where they picked up the former item in order to use it again.

  • Gun - Moves blocks, eliminates explosives.
  • Plunger - Allows Hinds to climb up walls, except for those with white blocks.
  • Grabber - Lets Hinds pull blocks towards him.


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