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Pixi Tower Defense
Pixi Tower Defense in the top half of the blog image
Link: Pixel Love
Developer Arri
Released: February 9, 2014
Featured: July 6, 2015
Platform Flash
Control scheme: Mouse
No. of levels: 4
Data saved: Scores
Genre(s): Real-time strategy
Website(s): Newgrounds

Pixi Tower Defense is a real-time strategy game uploaded to Newgrounds on February 9, 2014 by Arri. It was featured on Pixel Love on July 6, 2015, alongside Tiny Treasure.


  • PC Mouse Left Click Mouse left click - Execute action


There are four stages in Pixi Tower Defense, all which are playable at the start of the game. Upon selecting one stage, the game brings up a tutorial before the actual game commences.

The goal is to defend the base tower by adding defense towers to the grid. Enemies travel along the path in "waves", which are initiated after a certain amount of time passes or upon clicking "Next Wave" at the player's discretion. The game is beaten when the player defeats all twenty-five waves of enemies.


Enemies in Pixi Tower Defense move along the path at different speeds. Their health values can be seen when they are taking damage. Groups of enemies come along the path per wave that is introduced. Defeated enemies earn the player money they can use to buy or upgrade their towers.


Towers can be selected and placed on the grid when the player has acquired the minimum amount of money necessary for purchasing. They can be placed on any square not occupied by another tower or an obstacle. Each tower, when hovered over, displays a circle around it showing the player its attack range.

The cost of a tower increases when a tower of the same type is placed on the grid. With every tower placed, the price to place another tower of the same increases by a fixed amount. (For instance, the cost of placing a Basic tower starts at $100. The price to place another Basic tower on the field increases by $10, to $110.) This value is different for every variety of tower. Players can also upgrade their tower at a fixed cost per level, with level 5 being the maximum. Upgrades increase the towers' shooting range as well as the damage their bullets inflict upon enemies.

Tower Prices Abilities
Initial Increase Upgrade Damage Speed Range
Basic $100 $10 $90 Low Medium Low
Strong $400 $40 $120 High Low High
Fast $900 $90 $190 Medium High Medium
Icy $1400 $500 $80 Slows down enemies Low Low

Base tower


The base tower at full health

The base tower is found at the end of the path and has no attack or defense mechanism. If enemies reach the tower, they constantly run into it until they are killed. The base tower's health starts at 50 and will decrease rapidly as enemies run into it. Cracks can be seen on the dome as the base tower's health starts to deplete. If the tower's health reaches 0, the game is over.


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