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Pixel Escape
Link: Pixel Love
Developer grisevg
Released: January 14, 2014
Featured: June 8, 2015
Platform Flash
Control scheme: Keyboard, Mouse
No. of levels: 20
Data saved: Levels
Genre(s): Platform
Website(s): Newgrounds
Soundtrack availability: Bandcamp

Pixel Escape is a side-scrolling 8bit platformer uploaded to Newgrounds on January 14, 2014 by grisevg. It was featured on Pixel Love on June 8, 2015. The player's goal is to guide a group of pixels to safety from an oncoming apocalypse.


  • Space.png Spacebar - Jump
  • PC Mouse Left Click Mouse left click - Draw lines


There are twenty levels in Pixel Escape. Levels that have been previously beaten can be replayed through the level select screen, where the level's name can also be viewed. Unplayable levels are shown with a grey square and a lock. The player can select these squares to view the levels' names but cannot play the level until the one preceding it has been beaten. Green squares with a number show levels that have been beaten, and a star indicates that the player has rescued all the pixels in that area.

The goal of each level is to have at least one pixel reach the portal at the end. The player starts with a certain number of pixels, but usually has the opportunity to rescue additional pixels by having at least one pixel touch the pixel pickup. If all pixels die, the level automatically starts.

The finishing of a level is followed by a level completion screen. It will either read "Pixel Perfect" if the player has rescued all pixels or "Level Complete" if some pixels were killed or left behind. On the "Pixel Perfect" screen, the pixels will follow the player's cursor and jump when they are in line with the cursor. In the "Level Complete" screen, some tombstones representing the dead pixels are displayed amongst at least one pixel standing next to them, depending on the number of pixels the player has killed. The music track will also be different depending on the type of screen that appears.

1: Run Pixels! run!

This level begins with an introduction sequence. A logo of the pixel masters is seen glitching.

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