Padlocked blocks
Closed padlocked blockOpen padlocked block1
a closed padlocked block (left) and a open padlocked block (right)
Ability: Allowing the Guardian Rock to go to the next level
Game(s): Guardian Rock

Padlocked blocks are interactive objects in Guardian Rock.


Padlocked blocks are square shaped when they are opened or closed. When closed the padlocked block is light brown with some darker and lighter flecks of brown. In the middle of the closed padlocked box will be a darker shade of light brown shaped like a closed padlock.

When the padlocked block is opened, it will be bright yellow on the inside with a small light orange frame going around it. A light yellow glow will radiate from the block and it will turn any objects close to it a lighter shade.

Game information

Padlocked blocks appear on all levels of Guardian Rock. When the padlocked block is closed, it will act like a wall if smacked into. For the block to open all archaeologists must be killed. When the padlocked block is opened, the padlocked blocks appearance will change and smacking into it will make the Guardian Rock pass through it and then turn into a brown block.