This page was created to list the priority updates and upcoming projects to help maintain this wiki and keep it up to date.


When a new Pixel Love game is featured on Monday:

  • Create the article for the game and upload the image from the blog onto the wiki.
  • Edit the FPgame template on the article about the game featured before the current and change "TBA" to the name the newest featured game's page is under.
  • Edit Template:Games and add the game page to its appropriate section.
  • Update (or ask an admin to update) MediaWiki:Wiki-navigation with a link to the game page.
  • Find the game's release date and add the game to List of games by release date and List of games by feature. Add a reference as to where the release date was found, unless the date is based on the upload time from Newgrounds.
  • Update the main page's slider. Delete the last image on the slider or mark it for deletion with {{delete|Housekeeping}} on the file page.
  • Create a navigational template for the game article using Template:Navbox. Save this step for last.
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