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Next Please
Link: Pixel Love
Released: Newgrounds
May 13, 2012
Featured: December 10, 2012
Platform Flash
Control scheme: Keyboard
No. of levels: 24
Data saved: Levels
Genre(s): Puzzle, Platform
Website(s): ArmorGames, Newgrounds

Next Please is a puzzle-platformer created by Vyacheslav Stepanov and uploaded to Newgrounds on May 13, 2012. It was featured on Pixel Love on December 10, 2012. The player uses creatures to create stone blocks which, in turn, help one of the creatures to reach the door at the end of each level.


  • Left.png Right.png Left and right arrow keys - Move
  • Up.png Up arrow key - Jump
  • Space.png Spacebar - Turn creature into stone
  • X_key.png X key - Destroy the last creature turned into stone


Next Please has twenty-four levels. Each level starts out with a limited number of creatures indicated in a small black box within the level. Levels with only one creature in them have a blank box. Every time a creature dies or turns to stone, the number is subtracted by one. When the player runs out of creatures, the level automatically restarts itself. Using less than the given amount of creatures can cause the player to earn more stars.

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Next, Please! - Walkthrough

Next, Please! - Walkthrough

Level 1

This level introduces the player to the controls of the game. The player is given one creature that has to be guided to the door safely. To get there, the creature should jump down through the wide gap on the far right, then move left towards the door while jumping to avoid a small pit of spikes.


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One of the creatures is seen exiting to the outside world.
Next Please - Ending



The glitched version of level 1. The level heading on the HUD shows level 30, showing that this glitched level was played through five times after the last level's completion.

  • If the player hits the spacebar after completing level 24 instead of waiting for the screen to fade into the ending sequence, they enter into a glitched version of the first level. If the player beats the glitched level, they receive the level completion screen and continue to cycle through the same stage, but with the HUD increasing the level by 1 each time. The glitched level has an identical design to level 1, but with no tutorial signs.


Next Please Main

Next Please main music track

Next Please has one music track that plays over both the menu and levels.

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