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Magnet Kid
Link: Pixel Love
Developer Strange Studios
Released: Newgrounds
February 19, 2012
Featured: October 16, 2012
Platform Flash
Control scheme: Keyboard
Data saved: Levels
Genre(s): Platform, Puzzle
Website(s): Newgrounds

Magnet Kid is a puzzle-platform game released on Newgrounds on February 19, 2012 by Strange Studios (Sinclarian on Newgrounds). It was featured on Pixel Love on October 16, 2012. The player controls a magnetic robot escaping from a robot plant to search for a pair of arms.


  • Left.png Right.png Left and right arrow keys - Move in respective direction
  • A_key.png A key - Jump
  • S_key.png S key - Switch polarity


  • M key - Mute sound
  • N key - Turn on sound (after muting)
  • B key - Return to titlescreen


Levels come in sets, known as "areas" in the game. These sets have their own unique names. The player's goal is to get the robot to reach the exit goal, making use of the robot's ability to attract and repel certain objects.

When the player selects the first level of an area, they will be directed to an introduction screen, where they can move on by pressing the Enter key.

Robo Plant

After being produced without any arms...

You escape from the robot plant in search for some...

Level 1

This level introduces the basic maneuvering controls of the game. The player can press the arrow keys to move and A key to jump. The robot should be moving to the player's right, jumping to reach the progressively higher ledges to reach the goal.

Level 2

Level 2 introduces switching polarity with the S key. When the player changes the robot's polarity to negative, it turns blue, causing the blue wall blocking its path to move out of the way. The robot can now fall in the nearby pit where the exit is.


Escaping from the robot plant you [sic] decide to check the junkyard for some spare arms.

However in doing this, you must travel through...Neocity!

Interactive objects

  • Keys - Objects that must be brought to locked exits and barriers according to their specified colour.
  • Moving platforms - Platforms that can be attached to from the bottom, hovered over or landed on. They allow the robot to transport to particular areas within a level.
  • Magnetic streams - Produce a flow in a certain polarity that allows the robot to travel according to its polarity.


  • Spikes - Kill the robot instantly on contact.
  • Turrets - Fire a series of bullets in their respective colour that will kill the robot if it is the opposite colour from the bullets.
  • Lasers - Beams that block some paths and will hurt the robot in its opposite colour.
  • Spheres - Black objects with a skull on them. They float in the air and cause harm to the robot on contact.


Magnet Kid Menu
Magnet Kid Cutscene
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Magnet Kid Main - Robo Plant
Magnet Kid Main - Neo City
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