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Loot Hero
Link: Pixel Love
Developer VaragtP
Released: December 27, 2013
Featured: January 13, 2014
Platform Flash
Control scheme: Mouse
Genre(s): Side-scrolling, Platform, RPG
Website(s): GameMazing, Newgrounds, Kongregate
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Loot Hero is a side-scrolling RPG platformer released on Newgrounds December 27, 2013 by VaragtP. It was featured on Pixel Love on January 13, 2014. The player controls a warrior whose ultimate goal is to slay a dragon using loot collected from various enemies.


  • PC Mouse Left Click Mouse left click - Move left or right


To stages through the levels, the player must press and hold the left mouse button on one end of the screen to propel the warrior in that direction. Enemies appear standing in a line, and leave behind coins or additional powerups. Every so often, the warrior will pass by a loot store, where loot can be exchanged for upgrades. After passing by six stores, a boss will be encountered at the end of the final wave of enemies.



The introductory screen, with the dragon in the background.

An introduction screen appears when the player starts a new game for the first time upon loading. The dragon can be seen in the background, with buildings in flames behind it. White text is scrawled across the screen, and can be sped up with a click of the mouse. Once the introduction has finished playing, clicking within the game screen brings the player to the selection screen.

The introduction reads:

A legendary Dragon [sic] is haunting the lands.

Towns are set ablaze, and its magic power resurrects the evil creatures of the world.

A hero is needed to travel to the corners of the lands and slay the beast to restore peace.


There are five uniquely named stages in Loot Hero. Each stage has its own set of enemies and boss, although each stage follows an identical structure in terms of placement of enemies and loot shops. Below is the name of the stage and its description as seen on the stage select screen:

  • The Woods - Home to the orcs and goblins.
  • The Desert - Home to the ratmen.
  • The Jungle - Home to the undead.
  • The Snowy Plain - Home to the snow trolls.
  • The Volcano - Home to the dragon clan.


The player must always move the warrior to the right in order to complete the stage. They, however, are able to move in the opposite direction for additional loot and purchasing additional items at nearby loot stores.

When the warrior first starts moving to the right, three enemies must be killed to reach the first loot store. Following that, seven enemies must be killed, then nine to reach the upcoming loot stores respectively. The fourth and fifth loot stores have eleven enemies standing in a line before them, and the sixth has twelve. Leading up to the boss, the warrior must pass through a line of eleven enemies.


This navigational box contains a spoiler. Click [show] to open.

Upon beating the dragon of The Volcano, the ending is displayed. The player then proceeds to the next set of five stages, except with a higher difficulty. The HP of all enemies is increased, along with the amount of loot they drop when killed.

Loot Hero - Ending

The ending


Each stage consists of a enemies of a specific type, which find their home in that stage's biome. All enemies remain stationary and only move horizontally when they are pushed back by the warrior's weapon.

Enemies can reappear within a stage if the warrior is out of view from the killed enemies, then revisits the same area.


Orcs and goblins



Snow trolls

Dragon clan


A different boss appears at the end of each stage and usually take more hits to kill than the enemies preceding it. It is encountered after taking out a line of eleven enemies while moving to the right. The music will also change as the player approaches the boss.

Additional features

Two buttons are located below the stage select screen.



The achievements screen.

Selecting the "Achievements" option opens up a screen with a display of trophies the player can collect. Silhouettes of trophies can be seen where a player has not received an achievement yet. When the cursor is moved over an achievement, regardless of whether it is obtained or not, the description of the achievement as well as the player's progress on receiving it is displayed on a panel to the right.

Achievement name Description
The Woods Clear the Woods
The Desert Clear the Desert
The Jungle Clear the Jungle
The Snowy Plains Clear the Snowy Plains
Volcano Clear the Volcano
Shopping Buy an upgrade
Full gear Buy one of each upgrade
Stacked Get one upgrade medal
Warrior Defeat 100 enemies
Knight Defeat 1000 enemies
Hero Defeat 10,000 enemies
Overpowered Beat a level in under 15 seconds
Loot Hero Collect 1000 worth of Loot
Serious Reach level 25
Powerhouse Reach level 50
Godlike Reach level 100
Just starting Slay the Dragon on Difficulty 10
Grinder Slay the Dragon on Difficulty 25
Master Grinder Slay the Dragon on Difficulty 50


The bestiary shows a gallery of all enemies and bosses, organised by which stage they are encountered on. Hovering over a picture displays the enemy in full form on the right, along with its name and the number of enemies of its type that have been defeated.


Loot Hero Menu
Loot Hero Main
Menu Game
Loot Hero Boss
Loot Hero Victory
Boss Victory


Loot Hero was previewed in a video trailer, uploaded by the developer. It shows off the core gameplay as well as the bosses.

Loot Hero Trailer

Loot Hero Trailer

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