Crayon Poke Iridescent Fathom
Link: Pixel Love
Released: May 11, 2015 (Newgrounds)
Featured: May 18, 2015
Platform Flash
Control scheme: Keyboard, mouse
Data saved: None
Genre(s): Puzzle, platform
Website(s): Newgrounds
Development time: 5 days

Iridescent is a puzzle platformer created in five days for Stencyl Jam 2015. It was featured on Pixel Love on May 18, 2015. The player controls an an anthropomorphic cat-girl named Kate on a quest to find an antidote that will cure her ill sister.


  • Left.png Right.png / A_key.png D_key.png Left and right/A and D keys - Move
  • Up.png / W_key.png Up/W key - Jump
  • E key - Bless a crystal (when in front of Catnella statue)
  • PC Mouse Left Click Mouse left click - Fire a crystal (once obtained)



Interactive objects



Iridescent Menu
Iridescent Cutscene
Menu Cutscene
Iridescent Main
Iridescent Boss
Game Boss

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