The inventory as it appears in-game.

The inventory is a display of all items a player has obtained over the course of Seedling. These items are depicted in their own illustrations.

Physical appearance

The inventory's display covers a portion of the left side of the screen, with a beige colour background. This background is designed to look like a scrolled parchment of paper, left partially rolled up at the end. When the key to open the inventory is pressed, it slides out from the left of the screen, with the Newgrounds logo sliding in from the right.


A player is granted access to their inventory once Fire is collected. When the player receives the Fire item, the inventory automatically opens, showing its controls to switch items and open and close the inventory.

Prior to receiving Fire, the keys for opening and closing the inventory (I and/or V keys) are not functional.


Items on the right are a display of all weapons the seedling currently has in possession. Letters that appear beside a weapon indicate that pressing the particular key allows the seedling to use that weapon. Both the X and C keys can be assigned to different weapons, or both to the same weapon. The functions of these keys can be changed at any time in the inventory.

The left panel is first revealed when the player collects the first piece of the Totem from Lacste. All items displayed on the left within the inventory are fully functional for the duration of the game. None of them require activating or deactivating.


As additional weapons are obtained, the inventory replaces certain weapons, making them no longer usable to the player. Rather, these given items merge both functions of previously found powerups, causing the powerups initially in the inventory to disappear.

Ghost Sword

The Ghost Sword, obtained in Ghethis, provides the young seedling with the ability to swing the sword through walls as well as possessing the same attack range as the sword. As a result, the sword and Ghost Spear no longer become available after the Ghost Sword is obtained. Instead, the Ghost Sword replaces the two items and becomes a single option in its own square on the right panel.

Fire Wand

The Fire Wand, also obtained in Ghethis, combines both the powers of the Wand and Fire. As a result, both the Fire and the Wand disappear from the inventory, leaving the Fire Wand to occupy one square on the right panel. At the end of the game, only these two weapons are left in the inventory.