Hazards refer to any figure in Slayin that cannot be destroyed by the Knight, Wizard or Knave. These hazards, however, can damage the playable character.

Enemy hazards

These hazards are the result of an attack from an enemy within the game.



Skulls are hazards fired by headstones. They are grey in colour, with the skull shape engraved from the side. The skull spins in a circular motion as it makes its way across the screen. Skulls can only be avoided by the Knight or Knave by jumping. The Wizard, however, can use his tornado attack to successfully evade fired skulls.



Acid is a pink coloured liquid dropped by flying pots. When the acid is dropped out of the pot, it forms a pink puddle on the ground. This puddle deducts health on contact. After a couple of seconds, it disappears from the ground.

Independent hazards

These hazards are not associated with any enemy.

Spiked walls


The spiked walls are grey, with light coloured tips. A set of spikes appears on the side closest to the middle of the screen.

When spiked walls appear, they drop from the top of the screen at the farthest ends. Then, they move towards the middle until their spiked ends meet, of which they disappear. The speed they move at increases as the player progresses through later levels.

Often, spiked walls appear continuously, one after the other, before the start of a boss battle.



Weights are blue coloured, with white engravings. The weight is circular shaped, with a flat bottom.

Before dropping down from the top of the screen, their positions are located by a vertical flash of lightning. The weight then proceeds to fall at the place it was signaled. A clod of dirt forms when it hits the ground, causing the weight to disappear.

Any playable character hit by a weight takes some damage, and must be avoided.

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