Attack: Swinging
Damage: 1 square of health
Game(s): Seedling

Hammers are hazards in Seedling.


Hammers appear in various colours depending on their location. Their colours usually range from grey-blue to red. A long, thin handle is attached to the hammer component, which spins on the outside. This hammer part also varies in design. In some cases, it has two circle shapes visible on its surface.

Game information

Hammers can first be seen in Trohn, where the young seedling is required to successfully pass one, which eventually leads to the obtaining of the Conch. From the one point they are attached to, the hammers spin around in either a clockwise or counterclockwise direction at a constant speed. This speed varies throughout the entire game.

When the seedling stands in the way of a hammer's trajectory, the hammer will hit him, causing him to lose a square of his health. If a hammer is swinging over a hazard, such as lava, the hammer will also knock the seedling onto the hazard, initiate the start-over of the area.