Ghouls are enemies in the game Photon Baby.


Ghouls are pale skinned and have large white eyes with red slit-like pupils. The ghoul's eyes are surrounded by a purple line. Ghouls have pointed ears, a long pointed nose, and two white buck teeth. Ghouls wear small black boots on their feet and wear either white, blue, green, yellow, purple, or red shirt.

Game information

Ghouls first appear on level one of Photon Baby. Ghouls will walk back and forth on the platform they are on and turn and walk the other way once the reach the end of the platform they are on or a wall. If Doctor Photon touches a ghoul, Doctor Photon will instantly die.

The only way to kill a ghoul is to make a photon that is the colour of their cloak touch them and they will begin to burn and grant one point. If multiple ghouls are killed with a single photon much more points will be added to the player's score.


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