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Link: Pixel Love
Developer z3lf
Released: Newgrounds
December 20, 2011
Featured: September 24, 2012
Platform Flash
Control scheme: Keyboard, Mouse
Genre(s): Puzzle, Platform
Website(s): Newgrounds
Soundtrack availability: Newgrounds Audio

Five, or 5, is a puzzle platforming game released on Newgrounds on December 20, 2011 by z3lf. It was featured on Pixel Love on September 24, 2012. The player plays as a character who has been killed and somehow transported to a strange world where they must collect fifteen key panels and get to a heart panel within five minutes.


  • Left.png Right.png Left and right arrow keys - Move
  • Up.png Up arrow key - Jump
  • Space.png Spacebar - view map
  • PC Mouse Mouse - interact with map


In Five, the player plays as a certain character who is trying to collect key panels. The player has to manipulate the map of the game in order to reach the various scattered key panels. The player is timed throughout the game by a timer, which slowly decreases when the player controls their character in a room. This timer is paused whenever the player views the game map.


A character with a gun enters from the right side of South Park, waiting for the victim to enter from the right side. When the victim does so, the figure on the right shoots the victim as they try to flee. The victim is killed[1], but upon this happening, the victim vision is blanked out by a big white screen, prior to them finding themself in an odd factory.

Upon entering the next room and going up the stairs, they see a person hung on a noose. Engaging in a short conversation, the live person explains to the victim (who does not seem to comprehend the conversation) that they have five minutes. Entering the next room, the victim understands that they have to collect 15 key panels.

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Upon collecting all 15, a room is provided which includes a heart panel. When the victim runs there, the fleeing person also happens to be there, moving whenever the victim moves. Upon going up to the heart panel, the fleeing person jumps at it and obtains it, reducing the victim's time to five seconds. During the remaining five seconds, the screen slowly turns white, then slowly dimming as it goes back the last few seconds on the victim's life.

Fortunately, the victim anticipates the shot and jumps to avoid it. The victim then plans to counterattack and jumps towards there attacker, as the screen slowly turns white.


Five Main

Five's main theme

Five has one track that plays during the game and titlescreen.


  1. When the victim's time runs out: I was late [from death]... Goodbye...

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