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Link: Pixel Love
Developer Zillix
Released: Newgrounds
September 25, 2013
Featured: September 30, 2013
Platform Flash
Control scheme: Keyboard
Data saved: None
Genre(s): Exploration
Website(s): Newgrounds
Development time: 48 hours

Exposure is a Ludum Dare 27 entry by Zillix. It was featured on Pixel Love on September 30, 2013. The player controls a stranger who wanders through the desert, collecting orbs from two feuding factions.


  • Left.png Right.png Up.png Down.png Arrow keys - Move
  • Space.png Spacebar - Jump


The goal of Exposure is to collect the orbs situated around the desert and place them into pedestals. There are both black and white orbs to be found around the area. An orb placed in the metagolem initiates one of the game's three endings.


There are four possible endings to Exposure:

  • If all white orbs have filled the golem:
The SOL have emerged victorious and the metagolem will proceed to destroy the NYX faction.
  • If all black orbs have filled the golem:
The NYX emerge victorious and the metagolem proceeds to destroy the SOL faction.
  • If the golem is filled with a mix of black and white orbs:
The metagolem will sink into the ground, and not help either faction.
  • If the player places an orb in the golem's pedestal when it is not filled:
The metagolem will shut down due to a lack of power.

Interactive objects

  • Orbs - Spherical objects that can be placed into pedestals and transferred to the golem. If a black orb remains in the sun for an accumulated total of ten seconds, it will turn white.
  • Nyxblossom - A flower that can be acquired and brought to a member of the SOL faction to obtain a NYX orb.
  • Trees - Plants that can be revived with a vial of water. They can be stood underneath for shade to keep NYX orbs from being purified.


The two main game tracks change depending on the environment the player is in.

Exposure Sun
Exposure Shade
Track that plays in the sun Track that plays in the shade
Exposure Ending



The hidden Easter egg found behind the starting point referencing terra coda.

  • If the player travels backwards by pressing the down arrow key from the starting point and to the right, behind the starting camera, they can see a stone picture with a reference to one of the developer's previous releases, terra coda.[1]
  • When climbing on a wall, if the stranger remains motionless for at least ten seconds, the camera will pan around and zoom in towards the protagonist.
  • Zillix initially considered adding a "good" ending which would "solve everyone's problems", but decided not to proceed with such a plan.[2]


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