Eid[2] is the main character of Tower of Heaven.


Eid is a humanoid creature with a large oval head with one strand of hair sticking out. He is dark in color and he has two green eyes.

Game information


Eid was a lone traveler who challenged himself to climb the tower. He was greeted by the narrator, who warns Eid to leave. Eid ignored this warning and climbed the tower, avoiding traps placed by the narrator. The narrator, surprised by Eid's persistence, introduced him to the book of laws in an attempt to prevent him from climbing any farther. As Eid overcame the obstacles set by each law, the book eventually shattered, setting Eid free from its control.

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Eid eventually got to the top of the tower, revealing the mysterious voice that spoke to him as the form of a butterfly. The butterfly surrendered, having nothing else to give him. After all this, Eid was able to touch the butterfly, but the tower fell and the wasteland where the tower lay no longer remained dark.


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