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Egg Knight
Link: Pixel Love
Developer Goody Gameworks
Released: May 30, 2014 (Armor Games)
Featured: July 13, 2015
Platform Flash
Control scheme: Mouse
Data saved: Levels
Genre(s): Strategy
Website(s): ArmorGames

Egg Knight is a strategy game released to Armor Games on May 30, 2014 by Goody Gameworks. It was featured on Pixel Love on July 13, 2015. The player controls an army of egg knights as they team up to defeat the Dark Army.


  • PC Mouse Left Click Mouse left click - Perform various functions


Levels are presented on a map that reveals physical landmarks as the player unlocks them. Per area, there are typically two playable levels. A banner on the right side of the screen indicates the player's mission which must be completed to make progress in the game.

Different areas have certain icons hovering over their markers. A brown skull indicates an enemy level, while a scroll indicates a reachable landmark. Areas on the map marked with no icon can only be moved to, but no action is elicited. The player's marker is indicated by a golden egg that bounces along the path as it moves along.

If the player is required to reach a certain area on the map but an enemy level is in between the two locations, the game will load the level that the player's marker crossed into. Upon quitting the level, the egg marker will be at the location the player clicked on.


In an enemy stage, the player's knights stand on the left side of the field while the enemies gather on the right. The player is able to see each knight and enemy's health and speed at the bottom of the screen. The goal of an enemy stage is to deplete all the enemies' health.

To attack the enemy, the player must wait for a knight's speed to reach its full length, of which they can click on the knight to initiate an attack. Additionally, players can set Arcana prior to the battle, which can aid the player once it is fully cooled down. When a battle is won, all knights and the player gain a certain amount of EXP as well as various items.


Progress is made by completing the missions specified on the map. As missions are fulfilled, additional areas will be unlocked.

Cellar's Rodent

  1. Slay three giant rats
  2. Back to Free Village
  3. Slay two skeleton bats
  4. Return to Free Village (Knight obtained)
  5. Slay the Skeleton King
  6. Back to Free Village

Trading City

The player travels to Merchant City, where Kiev meets Major Knight.

Even the Scale

  1. Slay five forest wolves.
  2. Return to Merchant City.
  3. Slay five angry boars.
  4. Back to Merchant City.

New Sword

  1. Reach Free Village. (Knight obtained)
  2. Reach Merchant City.

Lost Crate

  1. Collect Major Knight's ten crates.
    • The player must collect Major Knight's ten crates by fighting in the forest areas. Each victory grants the player a varied number of crates.
  2. Reach Merchant City. (Egg of Adventure obtained and Armor Shop unlocked)

Royal Trouble

  1. Slay Kura thieves.
  2. Reach Queen Castle.
  3. Slay ten Kura guards.
  4. Back to Queen Castle.
  5. Slay five slimy jellos. (After completing this quest, an Egg of Pilgrim is received.)

Royal League

The Royal League is held at the Queen's Castle. Players engage in a one-on-one battle with another knight. Before the battle, players can pick one knight they want to fight with.

  1. Win the Rookie League (Defeat Major Knight)
  2. Win the Soldier League (Defeat Hobo Knight)
  3. Win the Captain League (Defeat Poacher Knight)

An Egg of Royalness is obtained after the player wins the Royal League.

Fog of War

  1. Reach Merchant City.
  2. Slay the Dark Army. (Egg of Royalness obtained)

War Prophet

  1. Reach Merchant City. (Egg of Freedom obtained)
  2. Reach Queen Castle.
  3. Defeat Kura Overlord.
  4. Back to Queen Castle.

Egg Knight

  1. Slay two of the Dark Armies.
    • The player receives the Egg of Pilgrim, followed by the Egg of Knowledge, after defeating both of the armies.
  2. Reach Queen Castle.
  3. Reach Merchant City.

I am Egg Knight

  1. Defeat the Dark Knight.
  2. Back to Merchant City.
  3. Reach the Hill of Fate.


This navigational box contains a spoiler. Click [show] to open.

Kiev stands in front of a pedestal on a cliff, with the other Egg Knights in front of him. The Egg Knights try to hold back tears as they say their goodbyes. Kiev leaves and is teleported back to his own world, lying next to the stone that began his journey. His sister Elza enters kicking a soccer ball and Kiev greets her as though he has been gone for a long time, which she comments on. He takes the ball and she tells him that she will stay behind for a bit. Elza then walks up to the stone, and the camera pans upwards, scrolling the credits.


The player uses knights to help defeat the Dark Army. Most knights are hatched from eggs, and are acquired as the player progresses in the games. Each knight has their own special ability, and the player can also choose from one of three talents immediately after hatching their knight, except for Miner Knight, whose first talent must be "Loyalty".

All knights are viewable from the Knights section to the right of the map. This lets the player view all the knights they currently have, and also allows them to equip knights with items or feed them to gain knight EXP.

Knight Egg Special ability Type
Miner Knight Egg of Adventure Gold Shield: Block +2 Wall
Farmer Knight Egg of Freedom Harvest Moon: All knights receive +5 ATK Support
Baker Knight Egg of Freedom Wheat Bread: Heals a single knight by 40 HP Support
Forester Knight Egg of Freedom Special Track: Speed +5 Siege
Major Knight Egg of Adventure Boring Speech: Summons a book to damage all enemies Support
Poacher Knight Egg of Pilgrim Trick Dust: Stuns all enemies for six seconds Siege
Maiden Knight Egg of Royalness Shield Up: All knights gain Protect by 5 Wall
Tailor Knight Egg of Royalness Linen Sword: All enemies decrease ATK by 10 Siege
Hobo Knight Egg of Pilgrim Auto Immune: Self heal HP by 30% Wall
Witch Knight Egg of Knowledge Bad Voodoo: Poison all enemies by 20 Siege
Monk Knight Egg of Knowledge Holy Bath: Resurrect one knight and heal by 50%. Support


The "Strategy" option on the map screen allows the player to arrange the placement of their knights. A total of six knights can remain on the battlefield at once. Additional strategies are unlocked once the player reaches a certain level. They can provide boosts for the knights in speed, attack, health and defense.

Strategy Unlocked at Bonus(es)
General Strategy Default N/A
Sword Strategy ATK + 5
Supply Strategy HP + 15
Dancing Strategy SPD + 10
Holy Shield Level 6 BLOCK + 1
Astral Assassin Level 8 ATK + 30, POISON + 5
Shell of the Sea Level 8 PROTECT + 10
Royal Wall Level 9 HP + 100
Marauder Level 10 ATK + 50, HP + 85, SPD + 30


Enemies are fought in every level and are usually specific to one area. They are able to attack, block and use abilities. A list of all enemies is viewable by clicking the question mark icon on the map screen. Enemies that have been fought before will be unlocked.

Enemy Level Type Area HP Attack Speed Special
Giant Rat 1 Siege Cellar 8 5 10 N/A
Skeleton Bat 1 Siege Cellar 8 10 10 N/A
Slimy Bob 2 Support Cellar 25 3 5 N/A
Skeleton King 7 Siege King Chamber 250 30 10 N/A
Skeleton 3 Wall King Chamber 50 10 20 N/A
Wolf 4 Siege Forest 50 20 30 Dread Howl: All party ATK+5
Angry Boar 4 Wall Forest 100 25 10 N/A
Kura Thief 7 Support Kura's Beach 250 40 30 Hard Shell: Self protect +3
Kura Guard 11 Siege Kura's Beach 380 70 5 Sea Armor: Self block +2
Slimy Jello 11 Wall Small Cave 350 40 5 N/A
Kura Overlord 15 Siege Kura's Beach 1500 100 5 Moist: Self Heal HP 30%
Dark Knight 20 Siege Dark Tower 4000 150 10 Dark Wind: Apply all negative buff


Egg Knight Menu
Egg Knight Hill of Fate
Menu "Hill of Fate"
Egg Knight Arrival
Egg Knight Battle
Arrival Battle
Egg Knight Egg Hatch
Egg Knight Map
Egg Hatch Map
Egg Knight Merchant City
Egg Knight Boss
Merchant City Boss

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