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VVVVVV Dyna Boy Dino Run: Enter Planet D
Dyna Boy
Link: Pixel Love
Developer Neutronized
Released: July 19, 2013[1]
Featured: November 18, 2013
Platform Flash
Control scheme: Keyboard
No. of levels: 15
Data saved: Levels
Genre(s): Platform
Website(s): Neutronized, Miniclip

Dyna Boy is a platform game released on July 19, 2013 by Neutronized. It was featured on Pixel Love on November 18, 2013. The player controls a miner who ventures through a cave while digging for minerals.


  • Left.png Right.png Left and right arrow keys - Move
  • Up.png Up arrow key - Jump/Move up ladder
  • Down.png Down arrow key - Move down ladder
  • Space.png Spacebar - Throw TNT


Dyna Boy has fifteen levels.


  • Spiky shell creatures - After being blown up, their shells can be used as platforms to reach higher places.
  • Bats - These enemies are generally more difficult to hit. They follow the player until they are outrun.
  • Frogs - Jump around in certain places.

Interactive objects

Dynamite - Necessary object. Used to blow enemies and walls. Each crate contains three sticks of dynamite, but their explosions can hurt on contact.

  • Battery - Activates the miner's helmet temporarily. Can be used to navigate in dark places.
  • Dynamite boxes - Can blow up diamond walls.
  • Wooden objects - Usually located on the other side of the gap. Can be blown up, which creates a bridge over the gap.
  • Boxes - Can be used to give extra height. Can also be blown up.


  • Spikes - Can be blown up with dynamite.
  • Darkness - player cannot see anything in these places. Battery required to enter these places.


Dyna Boy Menu
Dyna Boy Main
Menu Game


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