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Duke Dashington
Duke Dashington blog image
Link: Pixel Love
Developer Jussi Simpanen
Released: July 27, 2015 (Newgrounds)
Featured: August 18, 2015
Platform Flash
Control scheme: Keyboard
Data saved: Levels
Genre(s): Action-platformer
Website(s): Newgrounds
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Original Compo version

Duke Dashington is a action-platformer originally released for mobile devices by Jussi Simpanen and uploaded to Newgrounds on July 27, 2015. It was featured on Pixel Love on August 18th, 2015. The player controls duffer Duke Dashington who must clear each room within ten seconds by dashing into walls.

The game was originally a Ludum Dare 27 entry, whose theme was "Ten Seconds".


  • Up.pngDown.pngRight.pngLeft.png / W_key.pngA_key.pngS_key.pngD_key.png - Dash
  • Esc - Pause or skip cutscenes
  • M key - Mute/unmute music
  • R - kill character and restart room



Interactive objects



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