Not to be confused with Krystal.

Ability: Transforms the baby
Game(s): Photon Baby

The crystal is an object found in Photon Baby.


The crystal is diamond shaped and surrounded by a black outline. The crystal changes to different colours after a short period of time.


The crystal is first seen being levitated above a object. When the baby began to cry, the scientist took the crystal and carelessly gave it to the baby. A bat came into the room and carried of the baby, who was still holding the crystal, to a mansion.

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Doctor Photon later finds the baby in the mansion holding the crystal. Doctor Photon goes to take the crystal away from the baby who bats him away with its wing then stands up and sucks on the crystal. Doctor Photon shoots a photon at the crystal and the baby swallows the crystal. The baby then begins to change colours and finally turns green.

After the player defeats the final boss, the baby returns back to normal (except its wings still appear) and the crystal along with it. Doctor Photon, the baby, and the crystal return back to where the bat formerly took the baby and the crystal is placed in the object the levitates it.

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