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Cat Astro Phi
Link: Pixel Love
Developer Photon Storm
Released: Newgrounds
December 8, 2010
Featured: November 12, 2012[1]
Platform Flash
Control scheme: Keyboard
No. of levels: 3
Data saved: Levels (stages)
Genre(s): Adventure
Website(s): Newgrounds
Awards: Newgrounds Daily 4th place, December 9, 2010

Cat Astro Phi is an action-adventure game created by Photon Storm and uploaded on Newgrounds on December 8, 2010. It was featured on Pixel Love the Monday of November 12, 2012. The game follows the journeys of a spaceman and his cat, Jonesy, through space.


  • Left.png Right.png Up.png Down.png Arrow keys - Move
  • Space.png Space/Ctrl - Shoot


Cat Astro Phi's levels are designated as planets. The levels start with the spaceman and Jonesy traveling through an asteroid field in their spaceship. As the player attempts to destroy all the asteroids, they will soon be hit with too many, causing the ship to lose power and Jonesy to be ejected from the ship's seat onto an oncoming planet.

Planet 1: Rarnaxx

Planet 2: Craggzom

Planet 3: Shordeth


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The ending

Entering the asteroid storm for the fourth time, the spaceman is ejected out of his seat instead of Jonesy and lands on Planet Minsmeet. The ending shows a picture of the spaceman watching his cat fly off into outer space while he looks from below. Text scrolls from below the picture to show the credits, stats and reveal some additional facts about the development of Cat Astro Phi.


  1. According to Nitrome's Facebook page, Cat Astro Phi was featured on November 12. Their blog post, however, shows that it was featured on December 4.

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