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Bytejacker contains mature content that is not suitable for all viewers. This includes, but is not limited to: sexual content, profanity, blood and drug references.

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Captain Commander Bytejacker Dead End
Bytejacker blog image, top
Link: Pixel Love
Developer Secret Base
Released: Kongregate
February 4, 2011
Featured: October 28, 2013
Platform Flash
Control scheme: Keyboard, Mouse

Bytejacker is a game released on Kongregate on February 4, 2011 by Secret Base. It was featured on Pixel Love on October 28, 2013, alongside Dead End. This game and Dead End are the first Pixel Love games to be featured on the same day.

The game is about a reporter and cameraman, named Anthony Carboni and Jonathan Rivera, who discover the people in their town are turning into zombies.


  • A_key.png S_key.png D_key.png W_key.png ASDW keys - Move
  • E key - Perform special move
  • Space.png Spacebar - Special mode
  • PC Mouse Left Click Mouse left click - Aim and shoot



  • Zombies - Appear in all directions and follow the protagonist. They cannot move through obstacles.

Interactive objects

  • VIPs - Can be saved from zombie attacks and follow the protagonist around. When killed, they are reduced to a skull that sits on the ground. They grant the player extra money if saved successfully.
  • Obstacles - Obstructions that block Anthony or Jonathan's path. They can be shot down with a weapon.
  • Objects - Objects that can be searched through for extra ammunition, health or money.


When playing the game, players can change between three different background music tracks by clicking on the cassette tape icon in the pause menu.

Bitejacker Menu
Bitejacker Main - Welcome to my World
Menu Game - "Welcome to my World"
Bitejacker Main - Wanna Play
Bitejacker Main - Here's Johnny
Game - "Wanna Play?" Game - "Here's Johnny"

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