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Pixel Love games on Flashpoint

At the end of 2019, I downloaded Flashpoint with the intention of having access to Nitrome's full browser catalogue once Flash went down. That, of course, didn't work out, although I considered Pixel Love games to be a weird sort of indirect extension to Nitrome. While these were games made by people mostly separate from Nitrome, their presence on an aggregated site created this little sub-world that existed alongside Nitrome.

Nonetheless, upon getting Flashpoint, one of the earliest things I did was to put together a playlist of all Pixel Love games available there. Unlike Nitrome games, Pixel Love games were made by a multitude of developers, some whose works weren't on Flashpoint at the time. I even had the chance to curate a few Pixel L…

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Frostyflytrap Frostyflytrap 28 November 2017


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Anonymoustyd Anonymoustyd 12 January 2016

Testing a new box

oh no theres a problem

captions for images all need too be manually converted. they aren't supported

that is, this format isn't for the captions nuuuuuuuuu

so revert or keep infoboxes

lol ok it works

All I really did was organize the code a bit more but otherwise I was quite useless

By the way, this is the example image that all wikis have, creds to whoever made it

Also I didn't include the articles with no images category because it's already at special:insights

If it's a gud thing to have and I dun goofed pls don't h8 me, I'll add it back if u don't feel like doing so urself

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Random-storykeeper Random-storykeeper 4 January 2016

Pixel Love recap 2015

The year 2015 was a very interesting year for Pixel Love. Ever since their former web developer Tom left Nitrome, Pixel Love started hitting a major bump in the road. We'd get Pixel Love games featured on really off days like Thursday, and sometimes go weeks without Pixel Love. Finally, it all ended on October 21, 2015. Although Nitrome has somewhat expressed that they'd like to go back to Pixel Love, I hope that all will be well when they get a new web developer. But for now, let's take a moment to look back on the Pixel Love games we have seen featured in 2015.

I am going to start with one little exception, however. Back in 2014, I had to leave for winter vacation, and Nitrome ended up featuring one additional Pixel Love game on the Monday …

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Megaphantaze Megaphantaze 26 August 2015

Day 4 pixel Olympics

I've only got a second, so have a look at these games.

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Megaphantaze Megaphantaze 25 August 2015

Black Tuesday in Pixel love Olympics

Day three of Pixel Love Olympics. A lot of Black and white this time.

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Megaphantaze Megaphantaze 24 August 2015

Pixel love Olympics day 2

I don't have anything to say currently.

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Megaphantaze Megaphantaze 23 August 2015

Pixel love Olympics starts today

The moment you have waited for is here:  the first Pixel Love Olympics. I post this late, since I just remembered that today this thing starts.Let's say that the starting time will be 3PM UTC + 2 (You can check from Internet what does this time mean at your country). 

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Megaphantaze Megaphantaze 12 August 2015

Nitrolympic: Pixel love edition

I came here to spread A project with Random Storykeeper. I had earlier Nitrolympics, but they weren't not so popular. Regardless of that, the concept seemed to be a good and I got a suggestion of making a Pixel-love edition. This time we have Pixel-love games.

  • 1 Entering
  • 2 Events
  • 3 Schedule
    • 3.1 Day 1: Get Movieng
    • 3.2 Day 2: Far and high
    • 3.3 Day 3: Black and white
    • 3.4 Day 4: Big and fast
    • 3.5 Day 5: Revi siit

This time I am giving you plenty time to particiate to this one. I was thinking three weeks (There's only this week time, so please do the participation quickly), so everyone has time to enter. 





Events can be seen here

I hope this is okay for RSK that I add her added schedule here, then make some additions.

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Random-storykeeper Random-storykeeper 11 August 2015

Pixel Lovin'lympics

Hey, so for this special edition of "Nitrolympics", we're going with Pixel Love games and I get to plan out the events!

Now last post, I made a list of possible games and objectives. Today, I'll be putting that list together to arrange for the event.

  • 1 Premise
  • 2 Events
    • 2.1 Day 1
    • 2.2 Day 2
    • 2.3 Day 3
    • 2.4 Day 4
    • 2.5 Day 5

This is a five day event. On each day, there are three games that you try to get the highest score, time or other achievement within a certain gage as specified in the tables below. You'll have the entire day to do the best you can, with a few exceptions where noted. At the end of the day, put your scores in the comments below.

It is important to note that for many high score games, high scores are recorded in the game itself. This data is us…

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Random-storykeeper Random-storykeeper 31 July 2015

Possible Pixel Love Olympics contenders

I meant to make this last night, but ended up going to bed. :O

Possible Pixel Love Olympics contenders:

  1. Hyper Pixel Man – Classic mode, see how far you get? Or Unlimited mode, acquire thirty deaths and you’re done (record progress)
    • The only problem with Classic Mode is that when you lose, it doesn't show you the level you were on within that screen.
  2. Tobe's Hookshot Escape – Greatest height in five attempts
  3. Sheepwalk - Not sure yet
  4. Super Puzzle Platformer - Probably highest score out of three games
  5. Stakes
  6. Slayin – Highest score in three attempts
    • An additional or same day, we do the farthest level in three attempts
  7. Bed Hogg – Average time out of five games
    • The times are only documented in whole seconds, so just doing the lowest time could end up with t…
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Random-storykeeper Random-storykeeper 27 December 2014

Pixel Love recap 2014

The year 2014 is almost behind us now. I'd expect someone else would be making a Nitrome reflection post at some point, so I decided instead to focus on looking back at the year in Pixel Love features.

2014 was a pretty good year for Pixel Love, with some great games and a new website Nitrome launched to host them all. Games could also include ones built in Unity and HTML5 and not just Flash. So here's a huge post that takes a quick look at all the Pixel Love games put up by Nitrome in the year 2014.

There is one more Monday until the new year, and Nitrome might feature another Pixel Love, but I will be on vacation during New Year's and will be unable to submit any blog posts, which is why I'm launching this early.

Bear in mind a lot of these…

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Tema.gubert Tema.gubert 20 August 2014

World War Z never died!

Hello wiki! Heheh, its WWZ again in the morning, and the avatars was revived.

, if World War Z does the horror-shooting-zombie movie. Check out these Posters and Trailers on for more. I don't know how i launched the skin, my mistake, and i'm gonna explode my head for excitement.

8bit Doves was announced and was not compatible yet, sorry about that. Live the future, who knows!

Anyways, don't you know that Avatars was added/released on

Make sure you know the users to leave the comments below. Don't miss it if the skin was released.

Miss it? Try other... no! But try it now, dude! C'mon! Don't you understand yet? Just go and GET OVER WITH! Oh, heh, sorry!

What do you think about the same thing from Nitrome Wiki. Let me know…

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Tema.gubert Tema.gubert 2 August 2014

The Pixel Love website was lived!

Hello wiki! I'm Tema, the user's wiki since Nitrome Wiki, the biggest Nitrome encyclopedia, once again.

It is time to play something on Pixel Love... no, not time to take out the trash, VIDEOGAME! I agreed to play something new, like the impossible game Super Puzzle Platformer, Agent Turnright (and i love being useless), I am Level/Tilt-Pinball, and the Fliptic games was never made by Nitrome in 2013, as Abduction to Dead End.

So, enjoy the new website and it launched since the end of July.

You guys probably haven't been wondering what i'm all to one, but i'm going to tell the users about that anyway! HA! Oh, and the person that thinking of did have a blog post every day until 12 months this year... WHAT A SHAMELESS!!!! Actually, the avatars …

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Random-storykeeper Random-storykeeper 30 May 2014


Ergh, I hate to admit it, but sometimes I miss this wiki's activity. I mean, there used to be lots of active users here, and it was even fun when we had arguments over things. Now...I'd be lucky to see one edit a month here.

Don't get me wrong. At times I really like it when wikis are quiet. You get more control without users objecting or disagreeing with your hard work. Since Nitrome Wiki isn't as active as it used to be though now, it doesn't feel much different retreating here.

I still come to edit this wiki when I want to take a break from editing Cave Story Wiki. Sometimes there are too many active editors there, and they do things that bother me, but aren't bad for the wiki. Of course I don't want to act on impulse, and it's usually be…

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Frostyflytrap Frostyflytrap 29 March 2014

The Love Letter theme REVEALED!?

Hey guys, some of you may have already played the Pixel Love game The Love Letter, and I was pretty interested in the love music used when you read the letter. I then went on to the musician's website but unfortunately, there was nothing there on his website ever mentioning the game. Then I suddenly I heard some music playing quite similar to the one I was looking for. I browsed through the file but then eventually gave up as the entire track was about 2 hours long. So many months passed until I stumbeled upon a playthough of The Sims game when I sudenly heard the love theme again! I quickly researched and found out that it was a musical piece composed by Tchaikovsky!!! It was called Romeo and Juliet - Fantasy Overture, and the love theme …

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Frostyflytrap Frostyflytrap 9 March 2014

Templates for deletion

It is known that all games with mature content deserves minimal information on this wiki as possible. For expample Time ****, has only 1 article on this wiki which is the game's page, no chatacter article or whatever. But some users seemed to have made templates for articles that were supposed to be banned on this wiki, as a result only leaving the templete filled with redlinks and one working link, the game's article.

here are the templates that are needed to be removed:




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Random-storykeeper Random-storykeeper 8 March 2014


A while back, I enabled the achievements system on this wiki, really because I wanted to take a shot at customising them. I'm trying to come up with different names for them based on different Pixel Love games.

Feel free to suggest names for badges (Edit, Category, File, etc.), just as long as they are Pixel Love related!

Here's what I have so far:

Heh, want to take a guess at what Pixel Love games they come from/at what point you'll earn them?

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Random-storykeeper Random-storykeeper 2 December 2013

The Making of Reprisal

While searching up Reprisal playthroughs and trailers, I came across this one website that offered the game for download. After purchasing it, it would come with a digital booklet detailing Reprisal's development.

  • The Making of Reprisal

I would love to go and buy the game just to check out the book, but I know I'm just not willing to pay the money (not that I can anyways...) needed to purchase the game.

Anyways, I was trying to find some Reprisal videos, but most of them are either let's plays or multiple levels grouped into one video. There was one user that did do one level per video, but the version of Reprisal seemed different. Terraforming only cost 2 mana, according to the user's copy of Reprisal. This would greatly affect gameplay sinc…

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Random-storykeeper Random-storykeeper 18 September 2013

New infobox look

Game 2

|awards= |levels=50 |datasaved=Characters obtained |genre=Action, RPG | |controls=Keyboard |development= |credits=Game, Code, Art, Sound FX
Tom SchreiberMusic
Shuhei ItabashiSpecial thanks
Narayanyan Vaidyanathan
Tetsua Yakishita
Clickteam forumsVery special thanks
Skipmore |special=Also an iOS game }} On Nitrome Wiki, do you remember the blog post I made about introducing a new style of infobox that had a collapsible component to it? Well, here is the blog post to refresh your memory.

I had some time yesterday to fool around with this code, designing a new infobox for game templates. What you see on the right now is the result!

There's still a few knacks to work out, and this blog post was partly made to test how the in…

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Random-storykeeper Random-storykeeper 26 June 2013

Game templates

You've probably been redirected to this blog post, looking for answers. Maybe a link on my userpage or talk page directed you here. Maybe you found it through Recent Changes or Wiki Activity. Or maybe you just stumbled upon this post out of curiosity. Either way, this post serves to answer this one question:

Why were [insert names of game templates] deleted?

The answer itself is simple. The articles of their components either had little to offer or were repetitive to the game article itself. In other cases, the game article itself may have not had as much information to seem "full" - for instance, games with a continuous objective such as Super Puzzle Platformer don't have a lot to offer in terms of a walkthrough as opposed to 400 Years, wher…

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Takeshi64 Takeshi64 22 January 2013

Uirdz is HARD

I'm at level 30 and have done all the secret levels up to 6. It's really cruel in its difficulty. Anyway, just wanted to ask how everyone else was doing on it.

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NOBODY NOBODY 29 October 2012

Soul Tax is banned

Well look at that. Soul Tax features an obscenity on level 3. Now, Soul Tax is banned from being written about. The game probably has other obscene content in it also, as that level was early on in the game.

I was going to finish this last paragraph regarding the discussion 'bout Time's discussion, but the paragraph I wrote may have been seen by some as mocking some member and insulting the community, which is why I didn't put it up, because mocking and insulting people doesn't get you anything and angers people, and we don't want that.

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Frostyflytrap Frostyflytrap 5 October 2012

The Next Possible Pixel Love Games (Part 2)

Hello there, I'm making a part two of my previous blog: So... I'm continuing it here since it sounds like a good idea to have the blog here instead.

  • 1 The Sandbox
  • 2 Level Up!
  • 3 I Wish I Were the Moon
  • 4 Pixelotl
  • 5 Utopian Mining
  • 6 Hacker vs Hacker
  • 7 I Have 1 Day
  • 8 Powder Game 2
    • 8.1 Create and Share!
  • 9 Robots Can't Think
  • 10 My First Translocator
  • 11 And Everything Started to Fall
  • 12 Infectonator 2
  • 13 Fixation
  • 14 Garden Gnome Carnage
  • 15 Alphaland
  • 16 Captain Forever
  • 17 Acid Factory
  • 18 THIS BLOG IS NOT FINISHED YET, BUT YOU CAN STILL COMMENT. The Sanbox is a game where you can draw all kinds of elements around the screen and make reactions with t…

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TinyCastleGuy TinyCastleGuy 6 August 2012

Guard the Rock... Rock the Guard...



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TinyCastleGuy TinyCastleGuy 6 August 2012

Puzzled and Platformed

I like Super Puzzle Platformer!

It's a perfect combination of puzzles and platforms!

Try to get a high score!

TCG Puzzle Platformer!

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CandD CandD 6 August 2012

Is it over?

Noticing early this morning, there was no blog post for the pixel love game that was supposed to arrive today. All there was was the Friday blog post with the goat!!!!!!

It was pretty fun playing the games. If it's just the site malfunctioning, then maybe they didn't cancel. But it seems as if they did. I hope that if it isn't canceled then they eventually release Infectionator. I beat the game and am your one stop expert on it!

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Sabkv Sabkv 30 July 2012

I am back!

I am back to this wiki. Sorry, I spent 5 days on Nitrome fanfiction wiki, but now I'm back here. I'm serious.

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Sabkv Sabkv 25 July 2012


100 edits!!! Finally!!! I'm proud of myself. Pixellove wiki is amazeing!!!

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NOBODY NOBODY 23 July 2012

New rules for "Time"

As Random Story-keeper suggested, I should discuss the rules for writing articles for Time.

List of rules here.

The voting period will run for one week. If you have anything to add to these rules or protest, please do so in the comments.

Update: I was discussing this matter with my dad, and he suggested that I say that this wiki will not cover the game, along that discussing rules about the game wouldn't be such a good idea as people have different views on swearing. This is a good idea, and I'm going to place a template on the page saying that everything on the page is how much this page will hold, and that there will be no articles or anymore content on the subject. Please note that this decision is final, and will not be changed at all.

Here I…

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Sabkv Sabkv 20 July 2012

Sabkv's news

Hello guys. I created this blog to talk about most important things on this wiki. I'm not copying Axiy's news.

  • 1 Who is Antagonist?
  • 2 Roar Rampage template
  • 3 We need people
  • 4 Tower of Heaven VS. Depict1
  • 5 Mistakes
  • 6 Read second one!

He appeared in last level of Depict1. You need to kill him to pass the level. He's hard to beat. But he doesn't do any attacks. Who is he?

Roar Rampage is the only pixel game that hasn't it's own template and category. Can anyone do it?

There're not so many editors on this wiki. NOBODY, Satasha, SQhi, NTPYTO, CandD and Sabkv - that's all? Only 6 editors? That's bad. Very bad. This wiki has alot of empty articles, some stubs and only 6 editors. Oh, I forgot Random-storykeeper. But 7 people are also not so many editors!

I think …

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CandD CandD 18 June 2012

SPP- Number 7!!!!

In Super Puzzle platformer I'm ranked number 7!!!!!! I'm gonna try for top five :P

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I beat Small Worlds!

I beat it!

There are like 10 worlds. I will post the ending sometime.

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