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Blocks are interactive objects in Howmonica. They appear in all levels, with at least one side of the block exposed so that Minni is able to land on them. The goal of the game is to make contact with all the blocks in a level at least once in order to pass it.

Some blocks may break once passed over, revealing spikes or open gaps in the level. Others, when landed on, turn pink. There are four types of blocks that are encountered throughout the game.

Non-breakable blocks

Non-breakable blocks are the first type of blocks to be introduced to Howmonica. When contact is made with them, they will turn pink. Minni can remain on them until the player chooses to move her off the block.

Grey blocks

The first of the non-breakable blocks to be seen in the game, grey blocks often become the starting point for Minni, especially in later levels. Grey blocks have a circle in their centre, with a horizontal line running through the middle of the block.

When Minni touches a grey block, it will turn pink.

Trampoline blocks

Trampoline blocks are introduced to the game on level 10. They are yellow coloured and have a horizontal line running across the top of the block, and a vertical line that runs downward closer to the left.

When a trampoline block is stepped on, Minni will bounce in the air at a height that is about three blocks high. The player can use this to "jump", allowing her to reach higher distances without having to flip.

Breakable blocks

Breakable blocks are seen earliest on level 16. They will disappear from the screen, often causing Minni to land on spikes.

Fragile blocks

Fragile blocks are the first of the breakable blocks to be found in Howmonica. They are bright green and have a thick horizontal line that runs through the middle of the block. Two thinner vertical lines can also be seen dotting each sector of the block that was divided by the horizontal line.

When stepped on, fragile blocks quickly fade off screen, causing Minni to fall if the player does not move her off the block. Their behaviour is similar to that of grey blocks, aside from the fact that they can break.

Weak bouncy blocks

Weak bouncy blocks have a similar appearance to trampoline blocks, except that they are a darker shade of yellow. They are introduced to the game on level 31.

Weak bouncy blocks, like trampoline blocks, cause Minni to bounce when she lands on one. They, however, once bounced on, break, revealing spikes.

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