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BackDoor: Door 1
Link: Pixel Love
Developer AS
Released: Newgrounds
June 8, 2013
Featured: June 17, 2013
Platform Flash
Control scheme: Keyboard
Data saved: In-game progress (from last save point)
Genre(s): Escape, Puzzle
Website(s): Newgrounds
Soundtrack availability: SoundCloud
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BackDoor: Door 1 (referred to as Back Door on Pixel Love) is an escape puzzle game by Solar Vagrant. It was featured in the Pixel Love section the Monday of June 17, 2013. The game follows the story of a kid who falls through a void and must escape from the house he is trapped inside.


  • Up.png Down.png Left.png Right.png Arrow keys - Move
  • Z_key.png Z key - Execute action
  • X_key.png X key - Use item
  • C C key - Swap item
  • Space.png Spacebar - Options (allows for combining of items)


In BackDoor, the kid is trapped inside a house, with no one to talk to him except for a person who calls on the telephone. The player's goal is to help the kid escape the house by examining the different items around each room and utilizing them to assist in his escape.


Throughout the game, the main character is addressed as the player through the use of second person.

An image of a boy falling is seen.

Narrator: This isn't so bad. Falling's kind of fun when you know you won't hit the ground. That's the nice thing about dreams. And you're obviously dreaming, so...There's nothing to worry about.

The kid hits the ground.

Narrator: ...ouch. OK, so you weren't dreaming. The pain's made that pretty clear.

The kid looks up.

Narrator: Now you're in some kind of strange bedroom. Definitely not your bedroom. A phone is ringing.

The player is prompted to move the character and answer the phone.

Telephone: Hey kid, ya doing all right? Looks like you took a nasty fall there. You're probably wondering where you are. Don't you worry though, I'm here to help! Of course though I'm not going to tell you where you are, or how to get out of this room. ... ... Well, maybe I'll see you downstairs!


BackDoor has several music tracks composed by different people. Most tracks are used in the game, though one is exclusively found in the jukebox only. One track played in the game does not appear in the jukebox at all.

BackDoor Menu - World Between Worlds
BackDoor Main - Find Everything
Menu by Astro Kid Game - "Find Everything" by DoubleJoeSeven
BackDoor Main - Anci
BackDoor - Respite in C
Game - "Anci" by PengoSolvent "Respite in C", heard only in the Jukebox, by Solar Vagrant[1]


  1. Solar Vagrant Tumblr, June 18, 2013, retrieved June 1, 2017.

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