Reprisal Agent Turnright Slayin
Agent Turnright
Agent Turnright
Link: Pixel Love
Developer Pencil Kids
Released: 2012
Featured: July 2, 2012
Platform Flash
Control scheme: Mouse
No. of levels: 15
Data saved: None
Genre(s): Platform, Avoider

Agent Turnright is a platforming shoot 'em up released by Pencil Kids, and featured on Pixel Love on July 2, 2012. Its concept is similar to that of Nitrome's Pixel Pop.


  • PC Mouse Left Click Clicking on the screen - makes Agent Turnright execute a action.
    • Clicking the red button on the screen also makes Agent Turnright execute a action.


Agent Turnright complete level walkthrough and ending

Agent Turnright complete level walkthrough and ending

Stages are classified into several types:

  • Escape: Agent Turnright must make it to the exit with a Key. In these levels walls will instantly kill Agent Turnright.
  • Survive: Agent Turnright must survive from the oncoming hazards or jump over gaps.
  • Destroy: Agent Turnright moves with a click, and will automatically fire his gun.
  • Boss: This type only appears on stage sixteen. Agent Turnright must defeat the boss of the game, a giant robot.

Stages 1

Type: Escape

Stage 1 is set inside a u-shaped room containing an entrance at on end, an exit directly across in the other end, and a key in the conjoining section. To complete the stage, Agent Turnright must line up with the key, then the player should click to turn when the hall curves, push the key in line with the exit, and then click to turn upwards.

Stage 2

Type: Survive

Stage 2 is set on the roof of a moving train's compartments with the scenery behind displaying mountains and trees. To complete the stage, the player simply needs to wait till Agent Turnright is near the end of the compartment and then click to make him jump across the gap.

Stage 3

Type: Destroy

Stage 3 is set on the roof of a building where a blue helicopter flies overhead and proceeds to drop harmful black squares. Upon a click, Agent Turnright will begin to move to one side while firing his gun with the stage being complete upon the helicopters destruction. Concentrating on the helicopter's tail is advantageous as health can be easily taken away while being out of danger.

Stage 4

Type: Escape

Stage 4 is set in a room consisting of two rectangular areas connected by a narrow, vertical passage. Agent Turnright enters into the upper area that also contains a potion at the far right corner while the lower area contains a key and the exit at the far right. To complete the stage, Agent Turnright must touch the potion which will result in him being shrunken, then enter the narrow passage while in this state, touch the key, and then go to the exit.

Stage 5

Type: Survive

Stage 5 us set on a six-lane highway with oncoming road vehicles. The player is tasked with navigating Agent Turnright to avoid collision with each click resulting in his vehicle moving left or right. It is advantageous to stay within the three lanes closest to to the left side as road vehicles move slower than in the other lanes.

Stage 6

Type: Destroy

Stage 6 is set in a desert-like area where Agent Turnright faces a tank, of which moves horizontally and fires bullets. Upon a click, Agent Turnright will move either left or right and fire his gun, with the stage being completed upon the tank's destruction.

Stage 7

Type: Escape

Stage 7 is set in a room containing a locked area housing a potion, a lever perpendicular to the entrance, a guard in an area close to the lever, a key at the far end of the room, and the exit in a nearby area close to the key. To complete the stage, Agent Turnright must first touch the lever to unlock the room containing the potion, touch the potion which will grant invisibility, touch the lever again to open the area containing the exit, in the current state of invisibility move past the guard, then push the key into the exit.

Stage 8

Type: Survive

Stage 8 is set on the rooftops of buildings with a blue helicopter being later introduced dropping projectiles. To complete the stage, the player should click once Agent Turnright is near the edge of the rooftop to make him jump over the gap, and also be watchful of the plane's projectiles to jump over the holes that will result from impact.

Stage 9

Type: Destroy

Stage 9 is set in a blue room with a path above on either side leading away from it. Agent Turnright is spawned at the bottom with guards coming from the top of the screen, firing guns, and stopping in a designated space. To complete the stage, all guards must be destroyed via Agent Turnright's gun which is activated in a click as well as his movements. At the start of the stage, it is best to immediately move as a guard is spawned directly above.

Stage 10

Type: Escape

Stage 10 takes place in a room containing three locking areas and a hallway with a lever on the left side of the wall extending into a below area with a guard facing left, a potion in the space below the guard's line of fire, another guard directly across from the potion facing downwards, and a key on the left of the second guard's line of fire. The first locking area is located to the right of the hallway and contains the entrance at the top and a lever to open the lock to allow accesses into the hallway. The second locking area is located near the top of the hallway to the left and contains a potion while the third locking area is placed on the far left side of the hallway and contains the exit at the top.

To complete the level the player should make Agent Turnright turn once the lever is touched, touch the lever directly across and proceed upwards, touch the potion and proceed down the hallway while touching the lever on the wall again, move past the guards while invisible and touch the potion, push the key while in the now shrunken state, and touch the exit.

Stage 11

Type: Survive

Stage 11 takes places in an identical area to Stage 5, with the player being tasked with avoiding road vehicles while on a six-lane highway. The road vehicles move faster in this level and, once again, Agent Turnright moves left or right upon a click and it is advantageous to stay on the three lanes closets to the left.

Stage 12

Type: Destroy

Stage 12 appears to be set in a desert between two houses bearing damage and a broken fence stretching across the bottom of the screen. At a click, Agent Turnright will move while firing his gun and is tasked with defeating all enemies. At first, a line of guards will appear with their defeat bringing a grey helicopter firing missiles. It is best to attack most guards when they appear at the top of the screen and to fire at the grey helicopter when it is in the middle of the screen.

Stage 13

Type: Escape

Stage 13 takes place in a room with the entrance placed near the bottom of the level towards the right side, an unconnected wall in line with it creating a hallway above which a key is placed between two guards, a narrower hallway located behind the guards, and the exit placed near the top left side of the room before the hallway's entrance. Three potions are present in Stage 13 with the first being directly above the entrance, the second behind a locked gate located at the end of the upper hallway, and the third before the exit. Below the unconnected wall, connected to it above on the upper far left side, are levers with the upper one opening the locked area in the room, and the lower one activating a rapidly progressing spiked wall.

To complete the level, Agent Turnright must obtain the potion directly above the entrance, touch the below lever, reach the end of the hallway, and move upwards to activate the upper lever. Then Agent Turnright should touch the potion placed right before the exit and, in a now shrunken state, go into the upper hallway, pass through the narrow passage, touch the potion at the end of the room, in a now invisible state touch the key, and push it into the exit.

Stage 14

Type: Survive

Stage 14 is set above a city that contains roads, orange trees, and predominantly brown buildings. The player controls a helicopter that moves vertically at a click and is tasked with avoiding the missiles that come from behind it Agent Turnright must move his plane to avoid the oncoming missiles coming from behind his plane. An easy way to complete this stage is to stay on the right side, move when a missile comes from behind, but quickly return back to the right side.

Stage 15

Type: Destroy

Stage 15 is set on a large body of water with the player controlling Agent Turnright on a boat, and each click making the boat move and the protagonist fire his gun. The player is tasked with destroying all enemies which first appear as guards, with a dark grey helicopter dropping missiles appearing upon their defeat. The player is forced to move at the start of the level to avoid bullets from an incoming guard, and all other subsequent guards can be easily defeated if Agent Turnright moves in front of them after they fire their three bullets. The helicopter can be easily defeated if Agent Turnright keeps to the right side of the screen and only moves to avoid a single missile that is dropped directly in front of him.

Final Stage (Stage 16)

Type: Boss

Stage 16 is set on the rooftop of a building with other tall city building seen in the background at a distance. The player is tasked with destroying a giant robot by Agent Turnright's gun, which is activated in a click, and also avoiding the boss's attacks. The giant robot only takes damage from its head and attacks with either the laser projected from its head or pounding with its fists. While above half health, the boss will project a beam from its head towards the left and right, then lower its head and project a beam in the middle of the platform while pounding with one of its hands.

While at half health and for the duration below, the giant robot will only keep its head down and pound with one of its fists. It is best if the player, when faced with the robot's laser moving across to the left or the right, only attacks while moving to the other side when the robot lifts its head. When the robot has lowered its head downwards, it is best the player only attacks when the laser stops and while moving to the other side.


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Agent Turnright complete level walkthrough and ending

Agent Turnright complete level walkthrough and ending

Ending starts at 5:15

On the top of the screen the players score is displayed as well as the words "congratulations" with change to white or yellow as the time passes. In a city, Agent Turnright is seen walking from the left side of the screen where a blond woman, a short distance away from a red car, is seen. Red hearts appearing coming from the woman's head, and as Agent Turnright stops, a speech bubble appears next to her saying, "Oh Agent Turnright, please take me home. It's the first house on the left". A speech bubble appears next to Agent Turnright saying, "Sorry, baby, I only go RIGHT!". A question mark appears above the woman's head, and Agent Turnright jumps into the car and drives away.


All pickups appear only in stages classified as "Escape" and are obtained once Agent Turnright touches them.

  • Keys - Are used to open the door present in escape stages.
  • Potions - Gives Agent Turnright, depending on the potion, either increased speed, stealth, or decreased size for seven seconds.


With the exception of road vehicles, all enemies take damage only from Agent Turnright's gun.

  • Road vehicles - Appear only certain stages classified as "Survive" and move at fast speeds with any collisions resulting in the stage failing and Agent Turnright's death.
  • Guards - Stationary enemies that are armed with guns and will shoot Agent Turnright upon sight.
  • Helicopters - Appear in the air and will either attack with bullets or missiles and fire in a set pattern.
  • Tank - Moves horizontally and fires a stream of black bullets.

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